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What are the windows above interior doors called?

What are the windows above interior doors called?

Customization – Operating Transom Historically, operable transom windows above doors played a role in the heating and cooling in a home. Operable transoms have sashes that can be opened or closed to help regulate the temperature in a room when the door is closed.

What was the purpose of transoms over doors?

Transoms historically were used to allow passage of air and light between rooms even when doors were shut. They make perfect sense in row houses, which typically have long, narrow floor plans with windows only at the front and back. This house originally had four transom windows; all were painted shut.

Do transom windows above doors need to be tempered?

In general, any glass in a door, or glass within a 24” arc of a door, is required to be safety glass. The exception is if it is more than 60” above the floor; so a window above a door (a transom), often does not need to be safety glazed.

Are transom windows in style?

Transom windows fell out of fashion for several decades, but are making a comeback with the resurgence of other contemporary styles.

Why do some bedroom doors have glass above them?

After a quick look on Google, I discovered that, in fact, these glass panels are actually referred to as Borrowed Lights and their purpose is to allow light into rooms that do not otherwise gain much naturally.

When would you use a transom window?

Transom windows are also functional. You’ll often see them used in bathrooms to bring in more light or, if they’re openable, for ventilation. A transom window in a bathroom is a great solution if you have no natural light in your bathroom but want to bring in light from an adjoining hallway, while maintaining privacy.

Why do old houses have windows above doors?

Transom windows are those panels of glass you see above doors in old homes, especially those built in the Mission or Arts and Crafts styles. They admitted natural light to front hallways and interior rooms before the advent of electricity, and circulated air even when doors were closed for privacy.

Are transom windows worth it?

They are often just ornamental, but some transom windows do serve a purpose by letting more light into an entryway or living space. Some styles of transom window even open, giving you both light and ventilation. If used on interior doors, transom windows can allow for airflow even if the doors are shut.

How high should transom windows be?

The height range, however, is much more diverse. The casing of a transom window is generally between 2-6 inches, although it can start as small as 1 inch and stretch up to many feet in height.

What is a transom style window?

Transom windows are named as such because they are located over top of a window or door’s transom– this is the beam that separates the top of the window or door from the rest of the wall. Consequently, transom windows can come in many different shapes, styles and designs, but retain the name due to their location.

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