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What are they building at the landing in Jacksonville?

What are they building at the landing in Jacksonville?

Plans for an iconic “Jax” sculpture by the artist Jefrë could change. City officials finalized a $1.7 million contract with firm Perkins & Will to complete designs for a public riverfront park Downtown at the former Jacksonville Landing site. The order, signed Dec.

Why are they tearing down the Jacksonville Landing?

The Jacksonville Landing could be torn down in six months because a majority of City Council members have gone on record this week in favor of an $18 million package to buy out the Landing’s owner and demolish the downtown mall in a clean break from the past on the riverfront site.

What is replacing the Jacksonville Landing?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Perkins & Will landed on top of the design competition for Riverfront Plaza, a new downtown park that will go where the Jacksonville Landing was demolished on the riverfront.

Did they tear down the Jacksonville Landing?

Nearly half of Jacksonville Landing demolished The other half remains standing, as do the two buildings on the ends, closest to the river.

Who is paying for the Jax sculpture?

Lerp wins the bid Two days later, the DIA announced a winner: the Perkins & Will bid with the enormous Jax sculpture, the entry with the highest estimated cost and the most ambitious art.

Where is the Jax sculpture?

JACKSONVILLE, Fla. Perkins & Will, which received the highest marks out of three designs presented to the Downtown Investment Authority (DIA), was picked to redevelop Riverfront Plaza with a beer garden, a hotel, a play area and a 150-foot “Jax” sculpture.

Who owned the Jacksonville Landing?

Sleiman owned the Landing for 15 years while the city owned the land beneath it. After years of contention and lawsuits, the city took control of the Landing in February 2019 after a $15 million settlement with Sleiman Enterprises Inc.

What is the LERP statue in Jacksonville?

Boyer said in one interpretation, the design represents an anchor with a knotted rope attached to it. Jefre has described it as a “series of nautical figure 8 sailing knots.” “It was a tribute to the St. Johns River and our marine influence and maritime history,” Boyer said.

Where is the LERP statue?

Johns River. JACKSONVILLE, Fla. — Jax, Lerp, Derp, Lox and Love; you name it, it’s been seen in the stainless-steel sculpture. The Landing site is in for a complete makeover and the talk of the town is the “Jax” sculpture that’s estimated to cost between 11-18 million dollars.

When did Jacksonville Landing close?

Chicago Pizza, site of the August 26, 2018, deadly mass shooting at The Jacksonville Landing, has been leveled as the overall demolition of the former Downtown festival marketplace continues.

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