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What can you plug into a shaver socket?

What can you plug into a shaver socket?

In other words, it’s probably fine to use most “shavers only” plugs for most small solid-state electronics, including phone chargers. But you should avoid using them to power laptops, hairdryers, curling irons, or other high-draw devices.

Does an EU plug fit in a shaver socket?

Most UK shaver sockets and shaver adapters will accept Europlugs but most European sockets will not accept UK shaver plugs and trying to force them is not a good idea.

Why are shaver plugs different?

In the UK, you can often find two-pronged sockets in bathrooms; the idea of these is that they offer a lower voltage than standard three-pronged sockets, so are safer to use for charging lower-powered devices. I’ve noticed that some of these faceplates offer two sets of prongs – one on either side.

Can I plug a 3 pin into a shaver socket?

This shaver adaptor enables an electrical shaver or toothbrush to be connected to a standard 3-pin 13A 250V socket. It is supplied with a replaceable 1A fuse and is for electric shavers only.

Why are some sockets shavers only?

Usually, outlets that read “Shavers Only” means that there is not much electricity running to that outlet – enough for a shaver, and to recharge stuff, but usually anything drawing more electricity will cause the breaker to fail/blow as they are usually running low amps/watts.

What voltage is a UK shaver socket?

240 V

Power Voltage Supply 240 V
Product Type Shaver Socket
Screwed/Screwless Screwed
Switches & Sockets Finish Plastic

Why dont you get a shock from a shaver socket?

There is still the full mains voltage between them but they are both ‘isolated’ from earth. Whichever one you touch, only a tiny current will flow through you and its voltage, relative to earth, will be nearly zero – you will get no shock.

Can you plug a hairdryer into a shaver socket?

Extremely big NO. Your shaver socket is likely to be rated at 1 amp or less. If you are foolish enough to do what you have suggested, you will blow the fuse if there is one or blow the transformer.

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