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What causes pain in the gastrocnemius muscle?

What causes pain in the gastrocnemius muscle?

A medial gastrocnemius strain is a acute injury that happens when the calf muscle is abruptly overstretched. This causes small tears in the calf muscle fibers. Some people hear a “pop” when the injury occurs, and you may not feel pain in the moment.

Where is the gastrocnemius located?

The main muscles in the calf are: Gastrocnemius: This muscle is just under your skin at the back of the lower leg. Because the gastrocnemius is close to the skin’s surface, you can often see its outline. It forms the bulk of your calf muscle.

What does a pulled gastrocnemius muscle feel like?

Snapping or popping sensation in your calf. Sudden pain in the back of your lower leg, like someone kicked your calf. Swelling and bruising in your calf muscle.

How do you relieve gastrocnemius pain?

Care and Treatment

  1. Rest: Avoid walking or running with calf muscle pain.
  2. Ice: Put an ice pack or cold compress on your calf muscles for 20 minutes every two hours.
  3. Compression: Apply a compression bandage or wrap to your calf.
  4. Elevation: Lift your leg into an elevated position, preferably above the level of your heart.

How do you heal your gastrocnemius muscle?

Treatment for a gastrocnemius muscle tear

  1. Rest. Avoid walking or other activities that cause pain.
  2. Ice. Putting ice on the injured area may ease swelling.
  3. Elevation.
  4. Prescription or over-the-counter medicines.
  5. Walking boot or crutches.
  6. Heel lifts.
  7. Compression sleeve.
  8. Strengthening and stretching exercises.

How long does it take for a gastrocnemius strain to heal?

In total, it usually takes up to three days for a pulled calf muscle to start feeling better. But a full recovery may take up to six weeks, according to Oxford University Hospitals. Severe swelling can make any pain and discomfort last a bit longer. Walking on recovering calf muscles can also increase recovery time.

What is the main function of the gastrocnemius?

Function. The gastrocnemius with the soleus, is the main plantarflexor of the ankle joint. The muscle is also a powerful knee flexor. It is not able to exert full power at both joints simultaneously, for example when the knee is flexed, gastrocnemius is unable to generate as much force at the ankle.

Why does the back of my calf hurt when I walk?

Claudication: Narrowed arteries can prevent your calf muscles from receiving enough blood, which deprives them of oxygen. Intermittent claudication can cause muscle pain when you exercise or walk. It’s especially common in people who smoke or who have diabetes or PAD.

How do you treat a tear in the gastrocnemius?

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