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What Channel Is CBS in Peoria IL?

What Channel Is CBS in Peoria IL?

channel 31
WMBD-TV (channel 31) is a television station in Peoria, Illinois, United States, affiliated with CBS.

What channel is ABC in Peoria IL?

Stations for Peoria, Illinois

Display Channel Digital Channel Network
25-1 25.1 NBC
25-2 25.2 ABC
25-3 25.3 CW+

What channel is Fox in Peoria IL?

channel 43
WYZZ-TV (channel 43) is a television station licensed to Bloomington, Illinois, United States, serving as the Fox affiliate for the Peoria area.

What TV market is Peoria IL?

Below is a complete list of Designated Market Areas (DMAs) and their Nielsen rankings for the 2016-2017 television season. Markets are ranked by population….Nielsen DMA Rankings – 2017 Television Season.

Rank 118
Designated Market Area (DMA) Peoria-Bloomington
TV Homes 235,690
% of US 0.206

What happened to WAOE?

WAOE-TV’s 59.2 Antenna TV and 59.3 Light TV signals disappeared from local airwaves after the station’s signal moved to a new frequency. In the days following the repack, Channel 59.1 ran a scroll announcing the two sub-networks wouldn’t be returning in the forseeable future.

How can I watch WMBD?

You can stream WMBD (CBS affiliate) with Hulu with Live TV, fuboTV and YouTube TV.

What is the heart of Illinois?

Founded in 1921, the Heart of Illinois United Way brings together people from business, labor, government, health and human services to address our community’s needs.

What is on TV tonight in Peoria IL?

Peoria, IL 61601

1:00 pm 9:00 pm
WEEK 25 Days of Our Lives 1:00 pm Dateline NBC 8:00 pm
WEEK2 26 General Hospital 1:00 pm 20/20 8:01 pm
WMBD 31 The Talk 1:00 pm Blue Bloods 9:00 pm
WYZZ 43 Judge Judy 1:00 pm Fox 9p News 9:00 pm

Does Chicago have 211?

Beginning in spring 2022, Chicago and Cook County residents will now have access to a local 211 service.

Where is the Heart of Illinois Fair?

Peoria, Illinois
The Heart of Illinois Fair is an annual fair featuring livestock competitions, rides, concessions, motor contests, and concerts. It has been held in Peoria, Illinois every year since 1949, at Exposition Gardens in northwest Peoria.

What is on WMBD right now?


Time TV Show
8:00 pm Magnum P.I. If I Should Die Before I Wake – Season 4 Episode 11
9:00 pm Blue Bloods Old Friends – Season 12 Episode 10
10:00 pm WMBD 31 News at 10pm
10:35 pm The Late Show With Stephen Colbert Shaquille O’Neal; Sebastian Stan; Sharon Van Etten – Season 7 Episode 140

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