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What claims have been made and settled through the Waitangi Tribunal?

What claims have been made and settled through the Waitangi Tribunal?

In the English version, Māori ceded the sovereignty of New Zealand to Britain; Māori gave the Crown the exclusive right to purchase lands they wished to sell, and, in return, Māori were guaranteed full ownership of their lands, forests, fisheries and other possessions and were given the rights of British subjects.

How many Treaty claims have been settled?

As of August 2018, 73 settlements had been passed into law. The total value of all finalised settlements is $2.24 billion.

What are some views of the Treaty settlement process?

There are three main components of a Treaty settlement package: an historical account; cultural redress; and commercial redress. The historical account is a statement agreed between the Government and the settling group that summarises the past relationship between those two parties.

How many iwi have settled with the crown?

So far, there have been 73 settlements with the Crown passed into law. There are a further 11 settlements that have been agreed but are either awaiting the rubber stamp from Parliament or have failed to pass the final hurdle of Parliament. The total value of all finalised settlements is $2.2 billion.

How has the Treaty of Waitangi been breached?

2004 Foreshore and Seabed Act The Foreshore and Seabed Act was passed in November 2004. It vested ownership of the foreshore and seabed in the Crown and guaranteed public access. Its passage was contentious. Many Māori argued that the legislation ignored their customary rights and breached the Treaty of Waitangi.

What is a wai claim?

the Wai 262 claim is really a claim about mātauranga Māori – that is, the unique Māori way of viewing the world, encompassing both traditional knowledge and culture. The claimants, in other words, are seeking to preserve their culture and identity, and the relationships that culture and identity derive from.

How many copies of the Treaty of Waitangi are there?

nine signed
In total there are nine signed copies of the Treaty of Waitangi, including the sheet signed on 6 February 1840 at Waitangi. The text of the treaty includes a preamble and three articles. It is bilingual, with the Māori text translated in the context of the time from the English.

What is the problem with the Treaty of Waitangi?

The land was lost through a combination of private and Government purchases, outright confiscation, and Native Land Court practices that made it difficult for Māori to maintain their land under traditional ownership structures. There were some purchases of Māori land made before the Treaty was signed.

Is the Treaty of Waitangi fair?

People had seen the negative effect of colonisation on the indigenous people of countries like Australia. Colonists believed the Treaty of Waitangi was fair because it offered Māori the rights of British citizens. The signing of the Treaty made it easier for settlers to acquire land.

Is the Treaty of Waitangi legally binding?

“Currently the formal legal position of the Treaty of Waitangi is that it is legally effective in the New Zealand Courts to the extent that it is recognised in Acts of Parliament. The Treaty of Waitangi has no independent legal status.

How is a treaty of Waitangi claim registered and researched?

Because the Treaty of Waitangi has limited legal standing in itself, the primary means of registering and researching Treaty claims is through the Waitangi Tribunal. The primary means of settling those claims is through negotiations with the government of the day.

What is a historical settlement of Waitangi?

What is a historical Treaty of Waitangi settlement? The Treaty of Waitangi was signed by Māori rangatira, or chiefs, and representatives of the British Crown in 1840. The Treaty has 3 articles. guaranteed Māori the rights and privileges of British citizens.

Can Māori seek redress for breaches of the Treaty of Waitangi?

Successive governments have increasingly provided formal legal and political opportunity for Māori to seek redress for breaches by the Crown of the guarantees set out in the Treaty of Waitangi.

What are the best books on the Treaty of Waitangi?

Always Speaking: The Treaty of Waitangi and Public Policy. Wellington: Huia. Jones, Carwyn (2017). New Treaty, New Tradition: Reconciling New Zealand and Maori Law. Vancouver: UBC Press. Linda Te Aho (2017).

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