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What courses does University of the Philippines have?

What courses does University of the Philippines have?

Undergraduate Programs

  • Anthropology. Applied Physics.
  • Biology. Broadcast Communication.
  • Chemical Engineering. Chemistry.
  • Economics. Electrical Engineering.
  • Family Life and Child Development. Filipino.
  • Geodetic Engineering. Geography.
  • Home Economics. Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management.
  • Industrial Design.

What is the best course in University of the Philippines?

Top 10 College Courses in the Philippines

  • Education major.
  • Engineering and Architecture.
  • Information Technology.
  • Agriculture and Fisheries.
  • Medical Allied Courses.
  • Maritime and CLOCA or Cruise Line Operations Culinary Arts.
  • Behavioral Science.
  • Hospitality Management or HRM.

What are the 2 years courses in college list Philippines?

1 Business and Commerce. You can earn associate degrees in a variety of areas related to business and commerce.

  • 2 Computers and Technology.
  • 3 Creative Arts.
  • 4 Law and Criminal Justice.
  • 5 Math and Science.
  • 6 Teaching and Education.
  • 7 Sports and Physical Education.
  • What are the courses under BS?

    Electrical Engineering, Tourism Management, Mechanical Engineering, Marketing, Civil Engineering, Hotel Management and Industrial Engineering are just a handful of the various Bachelor programs available at colleges in the Philippines.

    What are the 4 year courses in the Philippines?

    College Courses in the Philippines

    • Bachelor of Arts in History (AB History)
    • Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy (AB Philosophy)
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Industrial Design (BFA)
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Painting (BFA)
    • Bachelor of Fine Arts Major in Sculpture (BFA)

    What course is UST known for?

    UST graduates consistently and yearly dominate the top ten in courses with board exams (Medicine, Nursing, Pharmacy, Occupational Therapy, Physical Therapy, Engineering, Architecture, Accountancy, Education, etc.). This proves the University’s superior academic programs.

    What is the easiest course?

    9 Easiest College Classes For Success

    • Creative Writing.
    • Physical Education.
    • Psychology.
    • Public Speaking.
    • Anthropology.
    • Art History.
    • Acting.
    • Photography. If you’re not in art school or trying to become a professional photographer, taking a photography class can still provide you with valuable lessons.

    What is the most chosen course?

    Top ten most popular courses for international students

    1. Business Studies. First-year non-EU international students: 22,045.
    2. Management Studies. First-year non-EU international students: 17,760.
    3. Finance. First-year non-EU international students: 14,255.
    4. General Business and Management.
    5. Law.
    6. Computer Science.
    7. Economics.
    8. Marketing.

    What is the best 2 year course?

    The following is a list of 2-year degree courses after 12th commerce.

    • Diploma in Financial Accounting.
    • Diploma in Business Management.
    • Diploma in Computer Application.
    • Diploma in Industrial Safety.
    • Diploma in Physical Education.
    • Diploma in Yoga.
    • Diploma in Accounting and Finance.
    • Diploma in Management.

    Is there an IT course in UP Diliman?

    IT, ComSci & Programming courses offered at UP Diliman.

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