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What did Baddeley find about immediate recall?

What did Baddeley find about immediate recall?

Encoding in LTM Participants had to recall as many words as possible immediately after presentation of lists and then try again 20 minutes later. Baddeley found that the immediate recall was better for list 2 than for list 1 and with little difference in recall between lists 3 and 4.

What research method did Baddeley use?

Baddeley started off trying to test Long Term Memory (LTM). He gave participants four trials at learning the order of a list of words. Then he used a 20 minute delay (to remove Short Term Memory or STM) and then asked participants to recall as many words as possible in order.

What did Baddeley and Hitch say about memory?

Baddeley and Hitch (1974) argue that the picture of short-term memory (STM) provided by the Multi-Store Model is far too simple. According to the Multi-Store Model, STM holds limited amounts of information for short periods of time with relatively little processing. It is a unitary system.

When Godden & Baddeley replicated their experiment What did they find about recognition of words rather than recall?

Findings: Around 50% better recall when learning and recall are the same, 40% more words were forgotten when the condition changed. Recall for learning on land and recall on land was 13.5 compared to 8.6 when they learned the words on land and had to recall under water.

What was the aim of Baddeley 1966b?

Baddeley (1966) aimed to establish whether STM and LTM encode information in different ways. He suspected that LTM encoded information semantically, whilst STM encoded it acoustically. If STM and LTM use different codes, this would support the view that they are separate stores.

What research method did Baddeley use to demonstrate the word length effect?

One key strength for the working memory model is the wealth of research support for its various components. The existence of the phonological loop was demonstrated by Baddeley et al (1975) with their study of the word length effect.

What did Alan Baddeley discover?

Biography. Alan Baddeley is a psychologist renowned for his influential work on human memory. In 1974, he developed a model of working memory to provide a more accurate description of short-term memory. The model had a profound effect on our understanding of the short-term retention and manipulation of information.

What was the Godden and Baddeley experiment about?

Context Dependent Memory An interesting experiment conducted by Godden and Baddeley (1975) indicates the importance of setting for retrieval. Baddeley asked 18 deep-sea divers to memorize a list of 36 unrelated words of two or three syllables. One group did this on the beach and the other group underwater.

What was the aim of Godden and Baddeley?

Aims. Godden and Baddeley wanted to study the effect of the environment on recall and the effect of retrieval cues. The specific aim was to see if there was BETTER recall when the recall environment was the SAME as the learning environment.

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