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What do Fendt tractors cost?

What do Fendt tractors cost?

Fendt Tractors Price List in The USA 2022

Fendt 822 Vario Tractor $182,000.00 USD
Fendt 824 Vario Tractor $200,000.00 USD
Fendt 826 Vario Tractor $226,500 USD
Fendt 828 Vario Tractor $230,500 USD

What horsepower is a Fendt 939?

390 horse power
The Fendt 939 Vario Profi is a 10.9t machine with Deutz engine which powers this model with up to 291kW or 390 horse power. This Fendt 4wd tractor belongs to the biggest machine segment in the 4wd tractors category. The model’s dimensions are 5.655m x 2.75m x 3.322m.

Where are Fendt tractors made?

Apart from its latest tracked tractors, produced in Jackson, USA, all Fendt wheeled tractors are made in Marktoberdorf, everything from the 72hp to 101hp 200 Series, up to the 396hp to 517hp 1000 Series.

Are Fendt tractors reliable?

Ivan says Fendt is known for reliability and it is worth the extra penny when it comes to quality and durability. He bought the 211P when he needed another tractor to handle the extra work created by the new orchard. He stuck with Fendt because he had such a good run with the 209P and he likes the Vario transmission.

How much is a Fendt 942?

The company hasn’t completely altered the existing 900 range, so the five-model structure is still in place and the smallest 927 has made way for the new 942….

Fendt 942 Vario
Engine 9-litre MAN six-cylinder
Road speed 65kph
Price £300,887

What is a Vario tractor?

Designed for the heaviest draft work, these powerful, fuel-efficient tractors are also compact, agile and versatile to handle jobs requiring optimum performance on the road. In true Fendt engineering tradition, the 1000 Vario introduces innovations that deliver unprecedented power and efficiency.

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