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What does at on Mazda dashboard mean?

What does at on Mazda dashboard mean?

Definitely means “Automatic Transaxle” Warning Light on the Mazda (see pic below). If you are NOT low on Automatic Transmission fluid, then get your car serviced ASAP, as there might be something more serious going on.

What does the orange exclamation mark mean in a Mazda?

Tire Pressure: When the pressure in one or more of your tires gets too low, you will see a light that looks like an exclamation point inside of a flat tire. Power Steering: A malfunction in your power steering system will be indicated by a light that looks like an exclamation point next to a steering wheel.

What does the triangle with exclamation point mean in a Honda?

Vehicle Stability Assist system
There’s a simple explanation should you see a little triangle with an exclamation point in the middle light up your Honda vehicle’s dashboard. This warning light serves as an icon for your Honda vehicle’s Vehicle Stability Assist system and indicates that there is something wrong with the system itself.

What is AT warning light on Mazda 3?

The “AT” on that light stands for automatic transaxle, which refers to the transmission system of your Mazda 3. Thus, if you see the lit-up AT light on your dashboard, it is trying to alert you to a possible problem with a component of the transmission system.

What does AT mean on Mazda 3 dashboard?

But what does the AT light mean on a Mazda3? Automotive shorthand for Automatic Transmission, the AT light signals that there is an issue with your automatic transmission.

What does the little orange engine light mean?

One icon that you should never ignore is the orange, engine-shaped one that is usually found in the instrument cluster. It turns on when the car’s onboard computer detects a problem. Contents. Oxygen sensor failure.

What is the symbol for low tire pressure on a car?

The horseshoe warning light is your low tire pressure symbol, and it means the air is low in one or more of your tires.

What does the Dashboard Light mean on a Mazda 3?

This Dashboard light of your Mazda 3 flickers on the Mazda switchboard to notify you about the deactivation/disablement of the ESC system. This dashboard light of Mazda 3 flickers on your switchboard to alert you about the activation of the headlamps in your car.

What does the red triangle with an exclamation mark mean on Mazda?

Description: On the Mazda 3, the red triangle containing an exclamation mark is the master warning light. There are various faults associated with this symbol. Select the icon on the home screen which will display the application screen.

What does the amber light mean on a Mazda 3?

Description: The Mazda 3 has a Dynamic Stability Control system and Traction Control System (TCS and DSC) that aids in keeping the car in control if skidding is detected. The amber symbol may come on when the system is active (it looks like a car skidding).

What does the exclamation mark mean on a Mazda 3 steering wheel?

Description: The steering wheel and exclamation mark light up on the Mazda 3 dashboard in amber indicating a fault with the electronic power steering. Whilst operation of the steering wheel will remain unaffected, turning the wheel will feel heavy.

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