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What does CSL Behring make?

What does CSL Behring make?

CSL Behring’s portfolio of innovative medicines includes a wide range of recombinant and plasma-derived products for treating bleeding disorders, immune deficiencies and chronic inflammatory demyelinating polyneuropathy, as well as hereditary angioedema and Alpha 1 Antitrypsin Deficiency.

What is the difference between CSL and CSL Behring?

CSL Behring is a combination of Behringwerke, founded in 1904 in Marburg, Germany by Emil von Behring, and the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories (CSL), established in Australia in 1916 to provide vaccines to the people of Australia, as well as other companies acquired since 2004.

What drugs does CSL Behring make?

Drugs Associated with CSL Behring

Brand/Generic Name Reviews Rating
Alburx Generic name: albumin human Drug class: plasma expanders
Berinert Generic name: C1 esterase inhibitor (human) Drug class: hereditary angioedema agents 2 reviews 10 / 10
Carimune NF Generic name: immune globulin intravenous Drug class: immune globulins

Is CSL Big Pharma?

CSL, which has no rivals as Australia’s largest company in the biopharma industry, has made several major acquisitions over the last few decades. Its $275 million purchase of Novartis’ flu vaccine business in 2014 help build CSL’s Seqirus into one of the top flu shot players in the world.

Who is CSL owned by?

CSL, originally the Commonwealth Serum Laboratories, was established by the Australian Government in 1916 to service the needs of the Australian people. In 1991, paving the way for listing, the organisation was converted to a public company, 100% owned by the Federal Government and renamed CSL Limited.

Who owns CSL company?

Is CSL an ethical company?

At CSL, we value integrity, ethical conduct, a safe, respectful and healthy workplace, and sustainable and responsible business practices. To this end, we are guided by a Code of Corporate Responsibility, an Anti-Corruption policy and an Environmental Policy.

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