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What does Davidoff Cool Water Woman smell like?

What does Davidoff Cool Water Woman smell like?

The scent is very calm with aquatic notes that remind us of ocean breeze and cool sea-water, fruits and woods. Top notes are luscious, cool and aquatic with Citrus, Honeydew Melon, Quince, Pineapple, Lotus and Lily. Heart notes are gentle flowers; May Rose, Jasmine and Muguet.

Is Davidoff Cool Water Wave unisex?

Cool Water Wave by Davidoff is a Woody Aquatic fragrance for men.

What does Cool Water Wave smell like?

With its freshness Davidoff Cool Water Wave reminds you of pure, crystal water. It starts with summer notes: juicy, fresh and sweet watermelon that blends with the notes of passionate fruits: mango and guava with floral accords of freesia, datura, pink pepper, peony and corn.

What does Nautica Blue ambition smell like?

Blue Ambition salutes the vibrant go-getter with a refreshing, sporty balance of citrus overtones and a woodsy finish. Top notes bergamot, mandarin. Mid-notes pine, seaweed, Clearwood.

Is Davidoff Cool Water long lasting?

How Long Davidoff Cool Water Lasts? Once you put the Davidoff Cool Water on, the scent will last for 5-6 hours.

When did Cool Water cologne come out?

Cool Water is a men’s fragrance introduced in 1988 by Davidoff and produced under license by Coty Inc. as part of its Coty Prestige brand portfolio.

It has a light crisp scent that is very unique. It is not overpowering or heavy. It truly reminds me of the ocean with hints of lily. I don’t pick up any fruity notes; I would say it is closer to a floral scent.

Is Davidoff Cool Water unisex?

Cool Water by Davidoff Unisex Fragrance.

Who makes Davidoff?

Oettinger Davidoff AG
Davidoff is a Swiss premium brand of cigars, cigarettes and smoker’s accessories. The Davidoff cigarette brand has been owned by Imperial Brands after purchasing it in 2006. The non-cigarette portion of the Davidoff tobacco brand is owned by Oettinger Davidoff AG, which is based in Basel, Switzerland.

How do you know if perfume is original?

The original perfume will have high-quality bottles, you can know this by the smooth and fine surface while fake perfume is a bit rough and contoured. The brand name printed on the bottle is normally embossed and can’t be erased easily.

Which is best perfume of Davidoff?

Best Davidoff Perfume For Men comparison table

  • 1st Place. Davidoff Cool Water Wave Eau de Toilette, Cologne for Men, 4.2 Oz.
  • 2nd Place. Davidoff Cool Water Cologne For Men, 6.7 Oz.
  • 3rd Place. Davidoff Hot Water Eau de Toilette, Cologne for Men, 3.7 Oz.
  • 4th Place.
  • 5th Place.

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