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What does forgo mean?

What does forgo mean?

1 : to give up the enjoyment or advantage of : do without never forwent an opportunity of honest profit— R. L. Stevenson decided to forgo dessert for a few days. 2 archaic : forsake.

Is it for go or forgo?

The lesson here is that forego implies something comes before something else as well as doing without something; however, forgo only means “to do without.” In other words, if you “forego” or “forgo” dessert, you might not be satiated; if dessert “foregoes” dinner, you might be too full for dinner.

What does Went mean?

Went is defined as to have gone somewhere in the past. An example of went used as a verb is in the sentence, “I went to the store yesterday,” which means that I traveled to the store yesterday. verb. 1.

How do you use the word forgo?

Forgo is a verb we can use when we want to say that we’re doing without something, or are choosing not to enjoy something. If you want to lose some weight, for example, you might want to start exercising, but you could also forgo eating a lot of candy.

Does forgo mean waive?

The word forgo can be traced back to the Old English word forgān, which meant to pass away or to die, which is sometimes referred to as “giving up the ghost.” Perhaps it was this idea of relinquishing something that led to our modern-day use of the word forgo to mean to give up, waive, or forfeit something.

Is forgo a real word?

verb (used with object), for·went [fawr-went], for·gone [fawr-gawn, -gon], for·go·ing. to abstain or refrain from; do without. to give up, renounce, or resign. Archaic. to neglect or overlook.

What is went in sentence?

[M] [T] She went to the hospital yesterday. [M] [T] They went on a trip a few days ago. [M] [T] He went there instead of his father. [M] [T] I left the rest to him and went out.

What is a synonym for went to?

Synonyms for went (to) consulted, referred (to), resorted (to), turned (to)

What does forego a claim mean?

Forgo means “to do without; to pass up voluntarily; waive; renounce.” Ex.: He will forgo the claim to the property if Smith settles before the trial starts. Ex.: Don’t forgo the opportunity to persuade the judge on the first page of your brief.

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