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What does the Aztec snake tattoo mean?

What does the Aztec snake tattoo mean?

Quetzalcoatl. Quetzalcoatl is a god who takes the form of a massive feathered serpent. Considered one of the most powerful deities in Aztec culture, he is the god of many things, including learning, art, dawn, and fertility. Tattoos of Quetzalcoatl tend to mean creativity, strength, and knowledge.

What does snake and Rose tattoo Mean?

What’s the meaning of a rose and snake tattoo? People see it as a symbol for love or passion that becomes so strong that it turns to temptation and the loss of innocence. The snake is fierce and determined, the rose is beautiful and elegant – together they are practically unstoppable!

What is the meaning of a snake and rose tattoo?

Rose. Snakes and roses together are the ultimate symbol of temptation. Roses are a symbol of innocence, and the snake, a symbol of destruction and ruin of purity. Just as the serpent took away mankind’s innocence in the Garden of Eden, this tattoo represents the loss of that purity to temptation.

What does a cobra tattoo mean?

Cobra is one of the snakes, and thus generally cobra tattoo has the same meanings as snake tattoo… But there are some shticks. For women, cobra tattoo represents mysteriousness, intuition and unpredictability; for men — power and wisdom, together with insidiousness, slyness and darkness.

What do tribal tattoos mean today?

After all, the ancient tribal tattoo designs that the contemporary tattoos of today are based on were rooted in significant symbolism and meaning. While this is less of the case today, tribal tattoos can still carry heavy meaning for the wearer. Today, most tribal tattoos mean a show of masculinity, strength, and bravery.

Is a tribal snake tattoo a good fit for You?

If you have gone through a bad phase and survived, a tribal snake tattoo might be a good fit for you. A snake shedding its skin can also be seen as a sign of immortality. Whether you are looking to embody wisdom, stealth, or rebirth, a tribal snake tattoo might be the perfect fit!

What is a zoomorphic tribal tattoo?

Most people don’t know what the word zoomorphic means. It is when humans manipulate patterns to depict the images of animals. Zoomorphic tribal tattoos can also involve combining the traits of two different animals into one tattoo design.

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