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What episode in Blue Bloods does Jamie and Eddie kiss?

What episode in Blue Bloods does Jamie and Eddie kiss?

TV Shows Blue Bloods. “You’re comfy and warm, Reagan.” Tonight on CBS Blue Bloods season 11 episode 12 is poised to arrive, and you’re going to see big stuff for Jamie and Eddie! The couple made a personal discovery after Eddie convinced Jamie to take a love language quiz.

Do Eddie and Jamie get together?

Jamie and Eddie used to work together as partners. They eventually fell in love and got married at the end of season 9. Their lives have changed to getting a new place together, Eddie eats with the Reagans every week, and Jamie gets a promotion.

What is Eddie Short for on Blue Bloods?

Edit “Eddie” Marie Janko-Reagan is a Police Officer in the New York City Police Department.

Who is Jamie’s wife on Blue Bloods?

“Blue Bloods” has seen the partnership, and later relationship, of Jamie Reagan (Will Estes) and Eddie Janko (Vanessa Ray) blossom and grow. Jamie is the youngest of the Reagan progeny, and his father, brother, and sister all have jobs related to the law enforcement profession.

What episode of Blue Bloods do Jamie and Eddie get married?

“Blue Bloods” Something Blue (TV Episode 2019) – IMDb.

Is Eddie cheating on Jamie Blue Bloods?

Jamie decided to follow Eddie to wherever she was going, which turned out to be a strange basement. Eddie was never cheating on Jamie… she was just taking a class to prepare for the sergeant’s exam!

Do Danny and Linda get divorced?

Linda and Danny were presumably married in early fall of 1996. Though their relationship was tense at times, they stayed married until her death in 2017.

Does Erin get married on Blue Bloods?

Erin Reagan is divorced on ‘Blue Bloods’ Tune in to an all NEW #BlueBloods TONIGHT at 10/9c. Blue Bloods started with Erin already divorced and raising her daughter, Nicky (Sami Boyle). Jack (Peter Hermann) is the father of her child and ex-husband.

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