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What episode of The Sopranos does AJ try to kill himself?

What episode of The Sopranos does AJ try to kill himself?

The Second Coming (The Sopranos)

What happens to AJ at the end of The Sopranos?

In the final episode, A.J. is in his Nissan Xterra with Rhiannon, his new girlfriend, and starts making out with her, but they both rush out of the vehicle when it catches fire due to A.J.’s parking it over a pile of leaves.

What episode does AJ try to kill Junior?

“Johnny Cakes” is the 73rd episode of the HBO original series The Sopranos and the eighth of the show’s sixth season.

What was AJ’s problem in Sopranos?

He struggles with depression and panic attacks. He’s the only person in the show to attempt suicide. Beneath his struggles, you can’t help but feel empathy for AJ Soprano because he has a good heart, unlike many characters featured in the show.

Why did AJ try to kill Junior?

Anthony John “A.J.” Soprano, Jr. While he is the only son of the Don, it becomes obvious he lacks potential for a career in his father’s organization, though he tries to kill his own great uncle, Junior Soprano, as retaliation for the shooting of his father.

Does Anthony Jr have ADD?

Anthony is the chaotic younger brother of his more accomplished sister, Meadow. As a chronic underachiever with many doubts about life, A.J. is diagnosed as borderline Attention Deficit Disorder.

Did Tony’s mom try to have him killed?

She was also conniving, manipulative, and insecure, as mostly evidenced in when she tried to have Tony killed off, by manipulating Junior, intentionally disclosing to him what Tony was doing at Green Grove and how his son was seeing a shrink.

Did Uncle Junior Try kill Tony?

Tony also upset Junior by placing his mother, Livia Soprano, into the Green Grove retirement community. Resentful, Livia tried to take advantage of both of their grudges and gave Junior the go ahead to kill Tony. She prompted the action by revealing Tony’s visits to Dr. Melfi, a therapist.

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