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What FM number is BBC Asian Network?

What FM number is BBC Asian Network?


Radio 1 97-99 FM
Radio 5 Live 909/693 MW
Asian Network BBC Asian Network is available on Medium Wave in the following locations: East Midlands – 837 MW, West Midlands – 1458/828 MW, Derbyshire – 1116 MW (7pm-1am), Peterborough/North Cambridgeshire – 1449 MW

Is BBC Asian radio on FM?

The BBC broadcasts 11 national stations and 32 local stations on DAB. You will need a new type of radio to receive DAB digital radio. Existing FM & MW (analogue) sets are unable to decode the digital signal. Unless your set carries the DAB logo, it will not receive DAB digital radio.

What is BBC radio frequency?

Radio 1 broadcasts throughout the UK on FM between 97.1 MHz and 99.7 MHz, Digital radio, digital TV and on BBC Sounds.

Is Sunrise Radio on FM?

Sunrise Radio is a 24-hour commercial radio station, focusing on entertainment, music and news from the Indian subcontinent. It broadcasts to the Greater London area on 963/972 AM, on DAB (SDL National), and via the internet.

Can I listen to BBC radio abroad?

Thankfully, you can listen to BBC radio regardless of whether you live in the UK or not. If you’re travelling abroad, all you need is a good VPN service such as NordVPN. A single VPN subscription covers multiple devices letting you access UK radio – and even UK TV services – regardless of where you are in the world.

Is BBC World Service on FM?

BBC World Service is the world’s leading international radio broadcaster. It provides impartial news, reports and analysis in English and 27 other languages. It is available to listen to in English on a variety of platforms across the world including online, satellite and cable, AM, FM, shortwave and digital radio.

What does BBC Asian Network broadcast?

BBC Asian Network now broadcasts mainly in English, but has retained Sunday evening shows with language content covering regions in the Indian subcontinent: India, Sri Lanka, Pakistan, Punjab, Bengal and Gujarat. The station’s output consists largely of music and talk programmes, with a daily documentary series Asian Network Reports.

Are there any Asian radio stations in the UK?

For the lists of Asian radio stations, see List of radio stations in Asia. BBC Asian Network is a British Asian radio station owned and operated by the BBC. The station’s target audience is people “with an interest in British Asian lifestyles”, especially British Asians between the ages of 18 and 34.

What happened to the BBC Asian Network in 2006?

In January 2006, the BBC announced that they were investing an extra £1m in the BBC Asian Network, and increasing the number of full-time staff by 30% in a bid to make British South Asian interests ‘a mainstream part of the corporation’s output’ .

When did BBC Radio Leicester introduce Asian radio?

BBC Radio Leicester dominated the provision of Asian programming on BBC local radio and by 1990 was producing one third of the output. In 1989, BBC WM, the BBC radio station for the Midlands, followed Leicester’s lead and introduced a similar daily show as part of a new Midlands Asian Network.

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