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What is a dynamometer type wattmeter?

What is a dynamometer type wattmeter?

An electrodynamometer or simply Dynamometer wattmeter is an instrument that is universally used for the measurement of DC as well as AC electric power. It works on the principle of dynamometer i.e. a mechanical force acts between two current carrying conductors.

What is the working principle of wattmeter employed in measuring instruments?

The Electrodynamometer wattmeter working principle is very simple and easy. It is based on the theory of a current-carrying conductor experiences a magnetic force when it is placed in a magnetic field. Hence there will be a deflection of pointer that took place due to the mechanical force.

How does electrodynamic wattmeter work?

Electrodynamic wattmeters are a design that goes back to the early 20th century. They work by using three coils: two fixed in series with the electrical load, and a moving coil in parallel with it. The series coils measure current flowing through the circuit, the parallel coil measures voltage.

What is the principle of dynamometer type instrument?

In Dynamometer type instruments, the permanent magnet used in moving coil permanent magnet instruments is replaced by either one or two fixed coils which carry the current to be measured (or current proportional to voltage to be measured) and which are connected either in series or in parallel with the moving coil.

What is dynamometer type instrument?

The electrodynamic or dynamometer-type instrument is a moving-coil instrument but the magnetic field, in which the coil moves, is provided by two fixed coils rather than by permanent magnets (eg: PMMC instruments). The schematic diagram of the electrodynamic instrument and a practical meter is shown.

Which type of damping is used in dynamometer type instrument?


Type of damping Instruments used
Air friction damping Moving iron (MI) and EDM (Electro dynamometer) instruments
Fluid friction damping Electro-static voltmeter (ESV) and Induction type instruments
Eddy current damping PMMC and induction type (which are used permanent magnet)
Electromagnet damping Flux meter

Which of the following method is used to shield a dynamometer type wattmeter against a field?

Right Answer is: B In dynamometer type wattmeter, a stray field may affect the reading of the instrument. To reduce it, magnetic shielding is provided by enclosing the instrument in an iron case.

What is type of dynamometer?

The Prony Brake Dynamometers 2. The Rope-Brake Dynamometer 3. Eddy Current Dynamometer 4. The Electric Dynamometer 5. Swinging Field D.C. Dynamometer 6.

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