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What is a grant closeout?

What is a grant closeout?

What is Grant Closeout? Closeout means the process by which the Federal awarding agency or pass -through entity determines that all applicable administrative actions and all required work of the Federal award have been completed and takes actions as described in ยง200.343 Closeout.

What is a closeout email?

6. Question: What is the closeout email versus the NOA email? Answer: The closeout email will be sent to the individual who will receive notifications once the grant has ended, any required closeout materials will be sent or notification will be sent to that email.

What is a Notice of grant Award?

The Notice of Award (NoA) is the official legal document1 issued to the grantee that indicates a federal grant award has been made and funds may be requested to be used, and reported on, in the approved manner. It is sometimes called a Notice of Grant Award (NGA).

Do grants get audited?

The Single Audit Act (amended in 1996) states that grant recipients may be subject to an audit once a year. The audit aims to ensure compliance with government regulations and evaluate financial information, including expenses paid for with federal award funds.

How many days are award recipients allowed for the closeout process?

90 days
BACKGROUND. It is the responsibility of the recipient to initiate the closeout process of his/her awards by using the Closeout Module in the Grants Management System (GMS). All discretionary/categorical and block/formula award recipients have 90 days after the end date of the award to close out the award.

How do I close my NIH grant?

You have up to 120 days after your project period ends to submit grant closeout reports….Submit Your Final Reports After Your Grant Project Ends

  1. Final Federal Financial Report (FFR) (SF 425).
  2. Final progress report.
  3. Final Invention Statement and Certification (FIS) (HHS 568).

How do you check if I have an eRA Commons account?

Before creating a new account, it is important for the person creating the account to first search to see if the user already has an existing eRA Commons username. If you find that you have more than one account please contact the eRA Service Desk at or 1-866-504-9552.

What does it mean to be awarded a grant?

A grant is an award, usually financial, given by one entity (typically a company, foundation, or government) to an individual or a company to facilitate a goal or incentivize performance. Grants are essentially gifts that do not have to be paid back, under most conditions.

Who makes the final decision in a federal agency grant?

The final award decisions rest solely in the hands of the federal agency staff with fiduciary responsibility and legal authority to enter binding agreements. Federal staff review and make award recommendations based on the programmatic and financial reviews of the applications.

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