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What is a lead retrieval device?

What is a lead retrieval device?

Lead retrieval is a method for capturing and processing sales leads generated at an event, trade show, or conference. Lead retrieval tools connect to a database containing the contact details of event attendees, which the attendees provided when they registered for the event.

How do I download leads from cvent?

Exporting Your Leads Post-Event

  1. 1 Log in to the portal. Find the Thank You email that was sent to you once the conference ended. Click Log In Now, then enter your credentials.
  2. 2 Export your leads into Excel. The number of leads collected will appear in the bottom-right. Click Export.

What is a lead capture app?

Validar Universal Lead Capture This app can be personalized to be used at whichever event you attend and works with various hardware such as magnetic stripes, barcodes among others. According to the questions answered by leads, this app can assign scores to your leads.

How do I capture a lead from a website?

10 Ways to Capture Email Leads

  1. Typeform.
  2. Native email capture.
  3. App Exchange Email Capture.
  4. Landing page software.
  5. Lead magnet landing pages.
  6. Sticky top bar.
  7. Exit intent popup.
  8. Homepage email capture.

How does lead scanner work?

Event organizers choose a provider of a lead retrieval system that depends on handheld scanners to collect attendee data. They rent the system for the duration of the event and return it once it’s over. The provider then collects all the data and gives it back to the organizer at a later date.

Why are lead retrieval systems an important part of events?

Lead retrieval solutions help organizers get access to all leads collected at the event and can therefore provide useful event data and insights. It allows organizers to show prospective exhibitors and sponsors tangible evidence that exhibiting is worth their time and money.

How do you manage an exhibitor?

An end-to end solution to manage your exhibitors

  1. An end-to end solution to manage your exhibitors. Create one central location.
  2. Prove and improve event lead quality.
  3. Match vendors with the right attendees.
  4. Prove the value of your event.

What does cvent Exhibitor Management Solution provide for exhibitors?

Enable meetings between the right attendees and vendors, allowing exhibitors to receive high-quality leads, and attendees to connect with those best positioned to help them. Attendees can request appointments directly with exhibitors, and Exhibitor Admins manage their staff’s calendars in the Exhibitor Portal.

How do you collect names at a trade show?

Here are seven of the best ways to collect and capture email addresses at trade shows.

  1. Leverage tablet devices. Most exhibitors use tablets in their trade show booths.
  2. Scan badges and business cards.
  3. Play games.
  4. Take pictures.
  5. Make them want more.
  6. Offer giveaways.
  7. Have a contest.
  8. Bonus: Follow up FAST.

How do you generate leads at a trade show?


  1. 01 1. Identify Who’s Going to the Event.
  2. 02 2. Prioritize Pre-Event Outreach.
  3. 03 3. Launch a Multi-Touch Campaign.
  4. 04 4. Motivate Attendees to Visit Your Booth or Book a Meeting.
  5. 05 5. Enrich Your Post-Show Leads.
  6. 06 6. Launch a Follow-Up Campaign.
  7. 07 Final Thoughts on Trade Show Lead & Event Generation.

How do you capture leads quickly?

13 best tips for converting leads into sales

  1. Show your leads that you value them.
  2. Ensure leads are qualified.
  3. Landing pages are some of the best ways to capture leads.
  4. Conduct phone conversations.
  5. Harness direct mail.
  6. Use emotions to your advantage.
  7. Build relationships.
  8. Tap into the power of trusted referrals.

How do I collect leads?

How To Generate More Leads On Your Website

  1. Optimize the Right Landing Pages.
  2. Welcome Your Website Visitors.
  3. Rotate Your Messaging.
  4. Create a Specialist Landing Page.
  5. Offer a Lead Generation Magnet.
  6. Get Interactive.
  7. Use Live Chat.
  8. Get Attention Before They Go.

What is Lead retrieval technology for trade shows?

Lead retrieval technology provide substantial ROI for companies that are investing in trade shows. Depending on your event goals, you might want one or both of these areas covered at your next tradeshow. In a nutshell, lead retrieval is the act of searching and finding lead data that’s been provided before the event.

What is the difference between lead retrieval and lead capture?

After scanning, the tech shows you information from a database, such as qualification scores and any other requested attendee info. On the other hand, lead capture includes adding brand new leads to your database. Most lead capture tools include the same features as lead retrieval tools.

What is touch-free lead retrieval?

Aventri’s touch-free lead retrieval is an easy-to-use small scanning device that reads barcodes auto-generated through the registration module. It facilitates quick scanning and retrieval of attendee and booth guest information, helping you maintain a contactless experience while onsite. Easy-to-use Mobile Lead Retrieval on Any Device

Why choose Cvent leadcapture?

Cvent LeadCapture provides fully supported solutions for your exhibitors, sponsors, and trade shows within one of the most trusted platform in event software. Start with a bigger lead pool and enjoy increased conversion rates throughout the funnel. See how you can increase trade show revenue by 85%.

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