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What is a master Scolymia?

What is a master Scolymia?

This very unique Master Scolymia is a chaotic mixture of neon green, orange/red, teal, and purple. This specimen has a pattern and color mix that we have never seen before. It’s a blend of a Master, Candy Apple, War Paint, and UFO Scolymia all jammed into one. This one-of-a-kind collector’s item is roughly 2.75″.

Where is Scolymia from?

Scolys are found all over the tropical waters of the Pacific. The vast majority of the Scolymia found in the hobby today originate from the Great Barrier Reef. There are some extremely rare species from Indonesia, but they are almost never seen.

Are Scoly Coral hard to keep?

They are not a hard coral to keep in terms of excellent water perimeters. But they do prefer low light levels and low flow current. I have neither, and they suffer after a few months.

Are Scoly corals aggressive?

Scolymia corals are considered to be semi-aggressive. They can damage neighbors that they can touch.

Can Scolymia touch each other?

they will be fine touching each other if you have to. All corals should be given their own space, but it will not harm them to touch each other.

How big do button Scolys get?

It’s hard to imagine these ‘Croc Scolies’ living in such a high energy environment or expanding up to four inches across, but we thank the brave men of Monsoon Aquatics for running the gauntlet of Saltwater Crocs to get these!

Can you dip a Scoly coral?

Dowtish said: ALL corals should be dipped. You can use Revive or Coral Rx on a scoly. You can even use Bayer if you want.

How fast do Scolymia grow?

They grow pretty slow, for sure. I’ve had a warpaint scoli in my 22g nano for about 2 years. It’s grown from a 2 inch circle to maybe a 3 inch circle…

How often should you feed Scolymia?

2-3 times each week
Feeding. The Scoly coral has relatively large, fleshy polyps and will do best if you feed them 2-3 times each week.

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