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What is a Savage Model 10?

What is a Savage Model 10?

The Savage 10-TR is a heavy barrel, precision rifle intended for Law Enforcement and Military audiences. SWAT snipers, that kind of thing. Keep in mind, its price is what makes it intended for LEO/Mil; civilians are pushed more towards the other model 10s (10FP, 10FCP, etc.)

What is a Savage Model 93?

The Savage® 93 F is an extremely accurate, adult-sized bolt-action rimfire rifle, offered at a very reasonable price. Savage’s AccuTrigger® enables shooters to obtain exceptional accuracy with the Savage 93 F, by allowing you to easily adjust it to your desired weight of pull for a light, crisp release with no creep.

What model is a Savage Axis 308?

308 Win Bolt-Action Rifle w/ 3-9x40mm Weaver Scope 57261 : RK Guns….More Information.

SKU 17502144
Brand Savage Arms
Model Name AXIS XP Combo
MPN 57261
Caliber .308 Win

When did the Savage Model 10 come out?

Introduced in 2005. Features 20″ light barrel, with detachable magazine. Chambered for .

Is Savage Model 10 short action?

The Savage 10FP is similar to the Savage 110FP rifles and differ only in the action lengths and in the calibers used. The 10FP is designated a “short action” meaning cartridges similar in length to the .

How accurate is the savage 93?

The Savage 93R17 has proven to be an accurate, simple rifle that is best used as a small game rifle and as a training device for more expensive center fire hunting rifles. This gun does have a couple of issues that need to be noted, but I’ll get to those in a minute.

How long is a savage 93?

The Savage Arms 93 FXP . 22 WMR Bolt-Action Rifle is compatible with 5-round magazines and features a 21-inch carbon-steel barrel.

What is the range of a 308 Savage?

308 on deer is 300 yards. 308 has a maximum range that is relative to the type of animal you are hunting. A prairie dog could be hit at a mile while a grizzly bear would need to be much closer.

How many rounds does a savage 308 hold?

4 Rounds
Factory Specifications (. 308 Winchester)

Caliber: .308 Win
Magazine Capacity: 4 Rounds
Hand: Right
Length of Pul: 13.5″
Magazine: Detachable Box Magazine

When was the Savage Model 10 made?

Where are savage 93 rifles made?

Savage Arms is an American gunmaker based in Westfield, Massachusetts, with operations in Canada. Savage makes a variety of rimfire and centerfire rifles, as well as Stevens single-shot rifles and shotguns.

How accurate is the savage A17?

XTP load averaged 2,348 fps, with a smallest five-shot grouping of 0.425″ and an average accuracy of . 68″. Overall, a pretty tight shooter. There is a lot to like about this A17 rifle and very little to dislike.

What caliber is a Savage 17 HMR?

17 caliber (4.5 mm) projectile.

What is 22 WMR vs 22LR?

22LR a 50-yard small game round, while hunters use the . 22WMR up to 75 yards in pistols and 100-plus yards in rifles. Also, the . 22 WMR is available in more advanced bullets such as the AccuTip-V and V-Max that can increase downrange accuracy and explosive on-target expansion for small varmints and pests.

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