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What is a substitute for TSP cleaner?

What is a substitute for TSP cleaner?

If you are looking for a more natural trisodium phosphate substitute, borax can be a fine replacement. It doesn’t require all the safety measures of TSP and is inexpensive, easy to use and it won’t hurt the environment. Borax can kill fungus and strip away dirt and grease on porous surfaces such as wood and cement.

What is TSP cleaner made of?

Trisodium phosphate, commonly called TSP, is a packaged, blended cleaning product consisting of 75 to 80 percent trisodium phosphate and 20 to 25 percent sodium carbonate.

How do you make TSP cleaner?

Consider this general formula:

  1. Dissolve half a cup of TSP in two gallons of warm water, resulting in a slightly cloudy, odorless solution.
  2. To combat mold and mildew, a stronger batch of one cup of TSP to three quarts of warm water, plus a quart of chlorine bleach, may be used.

Is TSP and borax the same thing?

An Alternative to Cleaning with TSP Also known as sodium borate, borax is a naturally-occurring mineral compound that will clean many of the same surfaces TSP has been used on for years, including mold- and mildew-stained areas—all without causing damage nearby plants.

Is borax the same as TSP?

How toxic is trisodium phosphate?

Severe damage to the mouth, throat, eyes, lungs, esophagus, nose, and stomach are possible. The long-term outcome depends on the extent of this damage. Damage to the esophagus and stomach continues to occur for several weeks after the poison was swallowed. Death may occur as long as a month later.

What is TSP cleaner good for?

Power through accumulated layers of dirt, grease, grime, soot, and stains on exteriors—notably masonry (brick, stone, cement, and concrete), wood (decks and siding), and roofing. When prepping for a paint job, TSP can clean and de-gloss painted surfaces and remove peeling, flaking old paint.

Do you have to rinse after using TSP?

Always be sure to completely rinse TSP from the walls (and let the walls dry) before you paint; otherwise, the new paint won’t adhere properly. Rinse the solution with a clean, damp sponge and you should end up with a beautiful paint job.

Is Simple Green a TSP cleaner?

Simple green It is a free TSP phosphate liquid cleaner that can clean every material and dirty surfaces. The versatility of Simple Green makes this product a fantastic TSP cleaning agent because it is not toxic and contains a biodegradable formula that can adequately clean all washable surfaces.

Which is better borax or TSP?

However, borax consists of sodium borate and does not contain harsh chemicals. Choosing to use borax instead of TSP will allow you to clean the surface and kill fungus without the use of chemicals that can cause skin irritation.

What is trisodium phosphate cleaner?

What is Trisodium Phosphate? An inorganic chemical compound (Na₃PO₄), TSP is a white granular or crystalline substance that can be mixed with water to create an alkaline solution. Once diluted, TSP is a highly effective cleanser, degreaser, and stain remover. Related.

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