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What is a triple Monopoly?

What is a triple Monopoly?

It is a property trading game in the tradition of Monopoly, Finance (board game), Easy Money, and The Landlord’s Game. The unique aspect of Triopoly is that instead of just one “two-dimensional” board, there are actually three boards which stack on top of one another.

How many Opoly games are there?

There are lots of different versions of the game on the market. Over 300 different versions of Monopoly have been created, including “Star Wars,” Pokemon, and “Game of Thrones.”

Which Monopoly board game is the best?

14 Best Monopoly Games To Try In 2022

  • Funskool Monopoly Original.
  • Monopoly Game Star Wars 40th Anniversary Special Edition.
  • Monopoly Marvel Avengers Edition Board Game.
  • Hasbro Monopoly Millionaire – The Fast-Dealing Property Trading Board Game.
  • Funskool Travel Monopoly.
  • Funskool Monopoly America.
  • Monopoly Pay Day Game.

Is there a bigger Monopoly board?

Monopoly: The Mega Edition is a special variant of the popular board game Monopoly. The game was first published in 2006 by Winning Moves Games USA in the USA. A UK version was adapted in 2007. The game board is larger than that of regular Monopoly (30% bigger).

How do you roll 3 of a kind in Monopoly?

If you roll three-of-a-kind (each die shows the same number), you can move your token to any space on the board. If you are sent to Jail during your move, your turn ends and you do not use the result of the speed die. Roll all 3 dice to determine the rent for a utility.

How do you play Christmas Opoly?

To play, collect Christmas properties, increase your property value by buying presents and trading them in for a Christmas tree. It’s all fun and games until someone blows a fuse, gets snowed in, or gets sent to ‘Naughty’ and is out of the game for three turns!

Which version of Monopoly is the original?

The Landlord’s Game
The board game Monopoly has its origin in the early 20th century. The earliest known version, known as The Landlord’s Game, was designed by an American, Elizabeth Magie, and first patented in 1904 but existed as early as 1902.

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