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What is an artificer in the Royal Navy?

What is an artificer in the Royal Navy?

An Artificer is an appointment held by a member of an armed forces service who is skilled at working on electronic, electrical, electro-mechanical and/or mechanical devices.

What is ERA in Royal Navy?

Engine room artificer (ERA) is a specialised position in the crews of naval vessels – especially those of the British Royal Navy (RN) and other Commonwealth navies. An ERA is usually a fitter and turner, boilermaker, coppersmith or enginesmith.

Are there still Artificers in the Royal Navy?

Goodbye ERAs. After 101 years, the title of Engine Room Artificer disappears from the Royal Navy. Engine Room Artificers become Marine Engineering Artificers (Propulsion) and Shipwright Artificers become Marine Engineering Artificers (Hull).

Who is shipwright Artificers?

ABOUT THE Shipwright Artificer (SHIPA) RECRUITMENT 2021 The Shipwright Artificer (SHIPA) role is designed by the organization to fit an experienced workforce to handle tasks related to the position in the organization.

What rank is a coxswain on a submarine?

Warrant Officers 1st Class
8301. a. The Coxswain Submarine (SM) specialisation consists of Warrant Officers 1st Class (WO1s) and Chief Petty Officers (CPOs).

What is a chief Stoker?

The ‘Chief Stoker of Chief Stokers’ is the latest sailor to be recognised for his massive commitment to the Royal Navy. Chief Petty Officer Kevin Hewson has spent more than 5,000 days separated from loved ones in a career which spans five decades.

Who is a shipwright artificer?

How do you become a shipbuilder?

A degree from a maritime shipbuilding program or a lengthy apprenticeship is required to become a shipwright. Shipwright apprenticeships may last for several years to ensure that shipwrights learn all of the practical and creative aspects of shipbuilding.

What is a shipwrights job?

What does a Shipwright do? Also known as a Boat Builder, a Shipwright designs and constructs watercraft. That includes everything from handmade canoes, small fishing boats, and recreational schooners to large cargo ships and naval vessels.

Will the UK build more aircraft carriers?

The two Queen Elizabeth-class carriers — there are no plans to build more — have been declared operational and have proved their worth in multiple exercises, but they still have issues with their air wings, specifically their small size.

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