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What is an English riding hat called?

What is an English riding hat called?

equestrian helmet
An equestrian helmet is a form of protective headgear worn when riding horses. This type of helmet is specially designed to protect the rider’s head in the event of falls from a horse, especially from striking a hard object while falling or being accidentally struck in the head by a horse’s hoof.

Where are Charles Owen helmets made?

Your journey starts in Wrexham, North Wales. Our purpose-built factory is where every Charles Owen riding helmet is designed and made by hand.

Why do you need a skull cap for XC?

Skull riding hats are perfect for cross country use as they have no fixed peak. This is a safety requirement enforced by British Eventing and FEI so that if a rider takes a fall during a high-speed element of the cross-country phase, they do not unduly damage their head if they land on the peak.

What helmets do dressage riders wear?

For dressage and showjumping phases you can wear a riding hat with a fixed peak or a skull hat with a hat cover, which should be in a “conservative colour”, such as black or navy.

Who owns Charles Owen?

The company has remained within the same family for four generations, today under the direction of founder Charles Owen’s great-grandson.

How often should you replace your riding hat?

around 5 years
Should I replace it? Most manufacturers recommend replacing your riding hat after 2000 hours. Roughly, this equates to around 5 years for the average rider, but if you ride professionally you may want to try to calculate your usage more accurately.

Do dressage riders still wear top hats?

“The top hat is an essential part of the identity of dressage. The dresscode makes us unique and we feel very strongly that the top hat remain as optional to use, but only at the highest level of competition. For awards ceremonies, the use of protective headgear can remain mandatory.

When did dressage riders stop wearing top hats?

1 year ago StraightArrow Comments Off. On New Year’s Day 2021, the top hat will no longer be allowed to be worn in dressage competitions, ending a tradition of generations.

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