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What is Asperchu?

What is Asperchu?

Asperchu (Born 1991) is an Electric/Asperger’s-type Hedgehog Pokémon and is the star of the incredibly famous Asperchu Comic. His comic book details his various (mis)adventures throughout his hometown of Albville, Minnesota, in his quest for a sweetheart along with his friends Jivin, Max and sometimes Sonichu.

What the heck is Sonichu?

Sonichu is a fan Webcomic created by Christine Weston Chandler (formerly Christian Weston Chandler), starring (at least initially) the eponymous electric hedgehog Pokémon and his friends.

Where is Alec Benson Leary now?

Alec is currently living in Minneapolis, Minnesota, still working as a part time Amtrak ticket agent (where his Aspergerian ability to memorize train tables comes in handy) and spends his free time creating the Asperchu comics loved by people all around the world.

When was Sonichu invented?

In 2004, Chandler created her own Sonichu website where she started posting comics of the character. The work went relatively unnoticed until 2007, when a forum user on the Something Awful forum posted about how they had seen Chandler’s sign and started to dig into their online persona.

What is CWCville?

CWCville (pronounced: quick-ville) is an independent city located in Northern Virginia, USA, Planet CWC. It was named after the founder’s daughter: Christine Weston Chandler, CPU Blue Heart and goddess over the Commodore consoles and Creator of Sonichus and Rosechus.

Who is liquid Chris?

Liquid Chris was the voice actor for Chris Chan for the parody series Sonichu: The Animated Series created by Spazkid.

Who is blue spike?

Blue Spike LLC is a patent litigation factory. At one point, it filed over 45 cases in two weeks. It has sued a who’s who of technology companies, ranging from giants to startups, Adobe to Zeitera. Blue Spike claims not to be a troll, but any legitimate business it has pales in comparison to its patent litigation.

Where is Chris Chan now?

Where is Chris Chan now? She is currently held at the Central Virginia Regional Jail in Orange, Virginia.

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