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What is Caldesmon positive?

What is Caldesmon positive?

H-caldesmon is considered a specific marker for tumor with smooth muscle differentiation (Watanabe et al., 1999; Nucci et al., 2001). L-caldesmon-positive human colon cancer cell lines are more resistant to chemoradiotherapy than L-caldesmon-negative cell lines (Kim et al., 2012).

What is Caldesmon and Calponin?

Calponin and caldesmon, constituents of smooth-muscle thin filaments, are considered to be potential modulators of smooth-muscle contraction. Both of them interact with actin and inhibit ATPase activity of smooth- and skeletal-muscle actomyosin.

What is the role of Caldesmon?

Abstract. The actin- and myosin-binding protein, caldesmon (CaD) is an essential component of the cytoskeleton in smooth muscle and non-muscle cells and is involved in the regulation of cell contractility, division, and assembly of actin filaments.

What does desmin stain for?

Rare cells stain for desmin in tenosynovial giant cell tumor, diffuse type (a.k.a. – pigmented villonodular synovitis).

What does Calponin stain?

It is also our experience that SMMHC and calponin are excellent antibodies, but calponin does stain stromal myofibroblasts to a greater extent than SMMHC.

What does vimentin stain?

Vimentin stains virtually all spindle cell neoplasms—mesenchymal spindle cell neoplasms and sarcomatoid carcinomas included. However, vimentin stains a subset of carcinomas regularly and to a significant degree, and this may be useful in the context of a panel of antibodies to narrow a differential diagnosis.

Is caldesmon the same as calmodulin?

The protein caldesmon, originally isolated from smooth muscle tissue where it is the most abundant calmodulin-binding protein, has since been shown to have a wide distribution in actin- and myosin- containing cells where it is localized in sub-cellular structures concerned with motility, shape changes and exo- or endo- …

What does calponin stain?

What is desmin immunohistochemistry?

Description: Desmin is a 53 kDa intermediate filament protein present in smooth muscle cells, striated muscle cells and myocardium. In skeletal and cardiac muscle cells, desmin filaments are localized in the Z-bands. Primary Antibody.

Where is Calponin found?

actin filaments
Calponin is located on actin filaments and inhibits actomyosin ATPase and actin filament motility. It can be phosphorylated by PKC and CaMKII.

What is Calretinin positive?

Calretinin is undoubtedly best known as a “positive” marker of mesothelioma. It is reported to stain a very high percentage (>95%) of epithelioid mesotheliomas, and staining of both nuclei and cytoplasm should be observed. However, it is not uncommon for sarcomatous mesotheliomas to lack this marker.

What does a positive vimentin mean?

Mesenchymal and endothelial cells usually stain vimentin positive and thus act as a measure of internal quality control in immunoreactivity. Absence of immunostaining in these areas often indicates that there is significant damage to tissue antigens and loss of structural architecture.

Is melanoma vimentin positive?

The data showed that high expression of vimentin was significantly associated with melanoma hematogenous metastasis.

What does caldesmon do in smooth muscle?

Caldesmon, together with tropomyosin, regulate the access of myosin to actin. In relaxed smooth muscle the binding site on myosin is blocked by the caldesmon-tropomyosin complex.

Does caldesmon bind calcium?

Heavy caldesmon (h-caldesmon) is a calcium-binding protein involved in the regulation of smooth muscle contractility.

What is vimentin stain?

Is Calretinin a nuclear stain?

Conclusions: Calretinin is a useful marker in differentiating mesothelioma of the epithelial type from adenocarcinoma in serous effusions. The “fried-egg” appearance or cytoplasmic and nuclear staining pattern is characteristic of cells of mesothelial origin.

What is CK7 positive?

For the CK7 negative group, no tumor cells yielded positive IHC staining results for CK7. For the CK7 positive group, diffuse or focal CK7 positive tumor cells were present in tumor tissue. The diffuse distribution of CK7 positive tumor cells was often present in poorly differentiated CRCs.

Is vimentin positive in melanoma?

What tumors are vimentin positive?

Vimentin is overexpressed in various epithelial cancers, including prostate cancer, gastrointestinal tumors, tumors of the central nervous system, breast cancer, malignant melanoma, and lung cancer.

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