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What is citral used for?

What is citral used for?

Citral is used as a natural ingredient in foods, cosmetics, and beverages for its strong lemon aroma and flavor. Essential oils containing citral have been shown to have antibacterial, antifungal, and antiparasitic properties, making citral a natural preservative.

How many stereoisomers of citral are possible?

Abstract. Purpose: Citral is composed of a random mixture of two geometric stereoisomers geranial (trans-citral) and neral (cis-citral) yet few studies have directly compared their in vivo antitumor properties.

What is the difference between Geranial and neral?

Geranial and neral both have a lemon scent, however, neral has a milder, and sweeter lemon odor. These compounds are used individually or together depending upon the desired scent or flavor since they are used in perfumes, candy and even soft drinks.

What is the relationship between Geranial and neral?

Geranial and neral are examples of cis/trans isomeric alcohol molecules found in essential oils.

Is citral good for skin?

Citral is a thoroughly evaluated and commonly used fragrance ingredient. It has been identified by European Union scientific bodies as a potential skin sensitizer. This means that citral has the potential to cause a skin reaction (such as red, bumpy, or itchy skin).

What isomerism is present in citral?

Citral is a collective term which covers two geometric isomers that have their own separate names; the E-isomer is named Geranial (trans-Citral) or Citral A. The Z-isomer is named Neral (cis-Citral) or Citral B….Citral.

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Is Geranial and neral more stable?

The trans form, geranial, has greater conjugation and more stable conformation, whereas the cis isomer, neral, has a less effective conjugation structure, and when reacting with other substances there is greater steric hindrance.

Does citral contain vitamin C?

It contains sulfur compounds (allicin, alliin, allyl sulfides), terpenes (linalool, α-phellandrene, citral, geraniol), and high levels of phosphorous, calcium, iron, selenium, germanium, vitamins like riboflavin, thiamine, nicotinic acid, and vitamin C.

What is citral in skin care?

Citral is a component of lemongrass oil and the oils of verbena, lemon myrtle, lemon and orange. In cosmetics and personal care products, Citral is used in the formulation of many types of products including aftershave lotions, bath products, moisturizers, perfumes and colognes, skin care products and suntan products.

What is citral in lemongrass?

Citral, an aroma terpene that imparts the characteristic lemon scent to plants such as lemon grass, is a relatively inexpensive compound and represents an important ingredient in the perfumery industry employed for the synthesis of menthol enantiomers.

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