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What is corporate hunt group?

What is corporate hunt group?

A hunt group is a feature in a phone system that distributes calls from a single phone number to a group of numbers in a company. Simply put, when callers ring your company phone number, the group will route the call to a group of members so they can answer the call.

What is hunt group in Avaya?

With Hunt groups, users or agents can answer calls at a predefined group of telephones or devices. Use the Hunt Group screen to create a hunt group, identified by a hunt group number, and to assign hunt group member users by their extension numbers.

What is a circular hunt group?

Circular Hunt Group When the end of the hunt group is reached, the hunting starts over at the first line. Lines are only skipped if they are still busy on a previous call. This method of call distribution attempts to distribute calls more evenly to agent groups such as sales organizations.

What is BSNL hunting facility?

Call hunting, which is also known as ‘Line Hunting’ or ‘Call Routing’ is a tried and tested calling strategy in which a call is connected to multiple telephones, one after the another, sequentially until it is answered by an operator or transferred to voicemail.

What is Singtel hunting facility?

MULTI-LINE HUNTING. The Multi-Line Hunting feature allows user to group several Phonenet lines to form a hunting group. Individual Phonenet line will still be able to activate features such as Call Forwarding.

What is the difference between a Hunt Group and a pickup group?

Hunt groups Phone calls can be distributed to one phone after another (in a list or longest idle) or to all the phones at once. A pickup group differs from a hunt group in that the user has to dial a number or press a button to pick up the call, where as in a hunt group the call will be delivered automatically.

How are calls delivered in idle hunting?

In most-idle hunting, calls are always delivered to whichever line has been idle the longest. This considers the length of time that the calltaker has been busy versus available. This is typically used in call centers where the calls are being answered by people, to distribute the load evenly.

Is a hunt group right for your business?

Again, hunt groups are great for organizations that have actual teams to answer phone calls. It’s also great for individual employees because they still have direct lines that can be used internally and given to VIP customers who might need to contact them directly.

How do I make and manage hunt groups?

On the right-hand side of your dashboard, you’ll find the tab labelled ‘Hunt Groups’. This is where you can make and manage your groups. To make your first group, click ‘Add first hunt group’. First, come up with a name for your group.

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