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What is drop test method?

What is drop test method?

Drop testing is a procedure used to evaluate how a package and its contents react to impacts such as free-falls, tumbles, and other types of handling during the shipping and distribution environment.

What is the standard for drop test?

Drop test standards are designed to test the protective capabilities of a package or container to withstand the sudden shock resulting from a free fall, or to test a package’s ability to protect its contents during the sudden shock resulting from a free-fall impact.

What is ASTM testing method?

ASTM test methods are petroleum industry standards, accepted worldwide for quality and reliability. ASTM test methods for petroleum and refined products include: Petroleum and Petrochemical Test Directory. ASTM Tests for Petroleum, Fuels and Petrochemicals.

Why drop test is required?

The main reason to carry out a package drop test is therefore to obtain information that allows designing a suitable packaging and securing the goods during transport. This results in the reduction of unnecessary costs or loss due to damage.

What are different methods of testing?

Integration Testing. After each unit is thoroughly tested, it is integrated with other units to create modules or components that are designed to perform specific tasks or activities.

  • System Testing.
  • Acceptance Testing.
  • Performance Testing.
  • Security Testing.
  • Usability Testing.
  • Compatibility Testing.
  • Testing With TestComplete.
  • What is a drop test called?

    The drop test or free fall test is one of the most applied tests in the industry of transport simulation and packaging optimization. This test allows us to know how a vertical drop can affect the integrity of the packaging and the goods inside.

    Which procedure is followed in drop test of packaging material?

    A drop test simulates the freefall of package on its corners, edges and surfaces. To achieve this the packaging is filled with the envisaged products and dropped from a defined height. This enables realistic conditions encountered during shipment to be simulated.

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