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What is HBWC bullet?

What is HBWC bullet?

Hollow Base Wadcutter (cast bullet type)

What is the purpose of a wadcutter bullet?

Bullet profile For target shooting, a wadcutter cuts a very clean hole through the paper target, making it easier to score and ideally reducing errors in scoring the target in the favor of the shooter.

Are semi Wadcutters good for hunting?

The semi-wadcutter bullet is also much more effective for self-defense and big game hunting than the traditional wadcutter.

Is a wadcutter good for self-defense?

38 special wadcutter is actually a pretty formidable self-defense round. The catch is that most snub nose revolvers have fixed sights and sometimes wadcutters are going to hit a few inches higher or lower than what the sights are regulated for.

Can you use wadcutters for hunting?

Wadcutter Bullets For Hunting And Self-Defense As a result, wadcutter bullets should only be used for self-defense purposes if there is nothing else available. These shortcomings also make the wadcutter a less than ideal choice for hunting big game.

Are wadcutters more accurate?

Though full wadcutter bullets are often unreliable in semi-automatic pistols, semi-wadcutter bullets usually work much better. As you can see in the photo above, the . 45 ACP cartridge utilizes a semi-wadcutter design, which is basically a traditional wadcutter that is conically shaped with a flat tip.

Are Wadcutters good for hunting?

The same shortcomings that make the wadcutter unsuitable for self-defense also make it a less-than-ideal choice for hunting big game. Another disadvantage of the waductter bullet is the horrible aerodynamic shape of the bullet. This restricts the use of wadcutters to relatively close range (<50 yards).

Do Wadcutters expand?

Even though the wadcutter doesn’t actually expand, it tends to penetrate soft tissue very reliably. Penetration is really the most important thing we want to see in a good self-defense round, so when you combine that with light recoil, a . 38 special wadcutter is actually a pretty formidable self-defense round.

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