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What is jet dispensing?

What is jet dispensing?

Jetting, or non-contact dispensing, allows manufacturers to dispense small amounts of fluids at faster speeds without sacrificing accuracy. The results include reduced waste, rework, and rejects, and higher throughput yields.

What is Jet Valve?

Jetting valves provide non-contact dispensing with a high degree of accuracy and repeatability. They offer speed and the ability to apply ultra-low volume deposits of material. The non-contact method means that there is no possibility of impact damage to the workpiece.

What is piezo dispenser?

A fluid-filled chamber that has one or more exit orifices (nozzles) through which the fluid is driven by piezoelectric material causing either a rapid increase in pressure within the fluid or an acceleration of the orifice with respect to the fluid body.

What is Piezo dispensing?

In a piezo-actuated jet dispensing valve, kinetic energy is supplied by a piezoelectric actuator, which dispenses the fluid under carefully controlled pressure to form a dot or bead of material at the target location.

What is a Microdispenser?

The micro-dispenser we propose is a device that stores and dispenses different liquids across different microfluidics platforms. In order to ensure that the micro-dispenser can be used for dispensing various liquids, we investigated its capability of dispensing liquid with different properties.

What is piezoelectric valve?

Piezo technology also provides a new way to design valves for controlling the pressure or flow of gases. If voltage is applied to the piezo bender, it will bend and lift off of a valve seat. The higher the voltage, the more the actuator bends and the more gas can flow through the valve.

What is scour valve?

Scour valves are located at low points or between valved sections of the pipeline. Their function is to allow periodic flushing of the lines to remove sediment and to allow the line to be drained for maintenance and repair work.

What is a sluice valve?

A gate valve, also known as a sluice valve, is a valve that opens by lifting a barrier (gate) out of the path of the fluid.

What is a dispensejet®?

Nordson ASYMTEK’s industry-proven DispenseJet® DJ-9500 high-speed jet is used globally in electronics packaging and assembly with thousands used in production

What is a Vulcan jet dispensing system?

Vulcan Jet series dispensing systems provide an advanced, intelligent dispensing solution with piezo-based jetting technology.

What is a unity purjet dispenser?

Nordson® Unity PURJet dispensing systems provide accurate high-speed dispensing of heated PUR adhesives and other heated materials in 30 ml syringes and 300 ml cartridges. Unity dispensers help… Vulcan Jet series dispensing systems provide an advanced, intelligent dispensing solution with piezo-based jetting technology.

What is a fluxjet precision drop-jet flux dispenser?

The FluxJet Precision Drop-Jet Flux Dispenser is designed to control and dispense single drops of flux or a continuous flux pattern as small as 2 mm wide ideal for single terminations close to…

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