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What is multi channel pipette?

What is multi channel pipette?

Multichannel pipettes generally come with either 8 or 12 pipette heads, easily allowing for a single device to fill multiple wells at a single time. This enables the user to quickly and easily fill multi-well plates used in tissue culture, drug screening, or enzyme assays.

What is electronic pipette?

Electronic pipettes are a great ergonomic alternative to manual pipettes, and are an efficient way to increase sample throughput without a robot. Electronic pipettes also often enable the user to create custom programs on the device allowing the pipettes to suit diverse application needs.

Are electronic pipettes more accurate?

Electronic pipettes are more precise and accurate because they use a motor to control piston movement, so you will always dispense exactly the volume programmed.

Is Omni channel same as multi channel?

Omnichannel retail typically refers to the way brick-and-mortar stores and a business’ online operations work in tandem. Multichannel retail refers to a business with physical storefronts and online stores, but the operations are siloed into separate channels of the overall business rather than integrated.

What is a single channel pipette?

Single channel pipettes generally dispense liquid in volumes up to 2500 ul. They are available in adjustable or fixed volume versions and as manual or motorized models. Quality, single-channel pipettes offer reproducible and accurate results.

Are electronic pipettes worth it?

Precision & Comfort: Using an electronic pipette significantly reduces the opportunity for human errors such as contamination of the workplace and irregular amounts of fluid in each pipette.

How much does electronic pipette cost?

$1000 to $1500
Electronic pipettes are usually two to three times more expensive than manual pipettes. If a single-channel manual pipette costs around $300, an electronic pipette will cost you anywhere from $1000 to $1500.

Do electronic pipettes need to be calibrated?

In general, electronic pipettes are factory calibrated using an analytical balance and distilled water in accordance with the ISO standards. Therefore, a new electronic pipette does not usually need to be calibrated. However, all pipettes require calibration at regular intervals to remain accurate and precise.

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