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What is Muse Best song?

What is Muse Best song?

Top 10 Muse Songs

  • # 8 – Feeling Good.
  • # 7 – Dead Inside.
  • # 6 –Hysteria.
  • # 5 – Time Is Running Out.
  • # 4 – Knights of Cydonia.
  • # 3 – Uprising.
  • # 2 – Plug In Baby.
  • # 1 – Supermassive Black Hole.

How many Muse songs are there?

Absolution Tour, a live video filmed on the Absolution promotional cycle, reached number 9 on the UK Music Video Chart. After founding their own label, Helium 3, and signing with Warner Bros. Records, Muse released Black Holes and Revelations in 2006….

Muse discography
Video albums 3
Music videos 61
EPs 5
Singles 44

How many Muse songs are in Twilight?

Muse have contributed to all three films in the franchise: ‘Supermassive Black Hole’ for the first film, ‘I Belong To You’ for New Moon and ‘Neutron Star Collision (Love Is Forever)’ for Eclipse, helping to boost their profile in the US.

What is Muse’s best song?

Knights of Cydonia is Muse’s best song without a doubt. Unbelievably I never heard of Muse until I they played Uprising at the Grammys where they won best Rock album. Their performance was profound! So I started looking them up on You Tube and the second song I heard them play was this one Live at Wembley. Blew me away…

What are the best piano intro songs you’ve ever heard?

40 Greatest Piano intro. 1. Hold the Line TOTO. 2. The Way It Is Bruce Hornsby, The Range. 3. Don’t Let The Sun Go Down On Me Elton John. 4. Desperado – 2013 Remaster Eagles.

What is your review of Muse’s Drones by Muse?

IGN 10/10 A master pice by Muse, the climax of the album Drones, for those who don’t know, Drones tells a story from the begining to the end of the album, you have to hear the songs in its cronological order to understand it.

What is Muse’s 8th album?

The band’s seventh studio album, Drones, was released in 2015, once again crediting Bellamy alone. Simulation Theory is the eighth studio album by English rock band Muse.

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