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What is Sprint TV Xtra?

What is Sprint TV Xtra?

Sprint TV Xtra ($9.99/mo) Power up your Sprint TV service with Sprint TV Xtra, including even more sports, breaking news, primetime shows and kids programming! Enjoy top cable programs from your favorite hit networks.

What is Sprint TV and Movies app?

Sprint TV brings you FREE TV to watch on the go. Sprint TV offers various channels in customer data plans including Live and VOD. Watch hundreds of shows from top networks you trust like NBC, Univision, Nickelodeon, ABC Family, Comedy Central and more.

What is the difference between directv choice and Xtra?

I just upgraded from “Choice” to “XTRA”. “Choice” has 185+ channels and “XTRA” has 235+ channels. That should be an increase of 50 channels, however, when you compare the channel selection for each package, it only adds up to 26 channels (24 short).

How much is directv Xtra package?

DIRECTV: XTRA Promotion Price: $70.00 per month. ($70 for 12 months, then $124 per month.) The CHOICE XTRA package option offers you a lot of DIRECTV-bang-for-your-buck. Order CHOICE XTRA today and you’ll be watching your favorites on more than 205 channels, and listening to your favorites on SonicTap Music channels.

Do Sprint customers get free Hulu?

How much is Hulu with Sprint Unlimited? Hulu (Hulu’s ad-supported plan) is now included with the Sprint Unlimited plan at no additional cost to you.

How do I cancel my Sprint premium service?

Go to and sign in. Scroll to your device and click Change my services.

What streaming services are free with Sprint?

Whether you’re a new or current user, Sprint provides a free (ad-supported) Hulu plan to anyone who is part of their Sprint Unlimited Plus plan. It’s a bit of a caveat, of course, but you even get Tidal for free, too. Then there’s T-Mobile’s offer of a year of free Apple TV+ that can extend to certain Sprint customers.

How much is the DirecTV Xtra package?

DirecTV Plans

DIRECTV Package Channels Final price
CHOICE 185+ $101/mo.
XTRA 230+ $110/mo.
ULTIMATE 245+ $120/mo.
PREMIER 325+ $173/mo.

What channels do you get with DirecTV Xtra package?

DIRECTV XTRA will offer 220+ Channels including HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz & Cinemax free for the first 3 months….AT DIRECTV XTRA: 220+ Channels.

TV Package TV Channels
AT DIRECTV XTRA Channels Audience Network
AT DIRECTV XTRA Channels BabyFirstTV
AT DIRECTV XTRA Channels BBC America

What does DIRECTV Xtra package include?

DIRECTV offers amazing high quality satellite programming for those who are looking for elite TV packages. How to get DIRECTV XTRA: DIRECTV XTRA will offer 220+ Channels including HBO, SHOWTIME, Starz & Cinemax free for the first 3 months. Start enjoying TV again!

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