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What is StereoPi?

What is StereoPi?

StereoPi is an open-source stereoscopic camera based on Raspberry Pi. It can capture, save, livestream, and process real-time stereoscopic video and images. StereoPi opens up countless possibilities in robotics, AR/VR, computer vision, drone instrumentation, panoramic video, and more.

How is image stitching done?

Image stitching or photo stitching is the process of combining multiple photographic images with overlapping fields of view to produce a segmented panorama or high-resolution image.

How does panorama stitching work?

For panoramic stitching, the ideal set of images will have a reasonable amount of overlap (at least 15–30%) to overcome lens distortion and have enough detectable features. The set of images will have consistent exposure between frames to minimize the probability of seams occurring.

How do I use lidar With Raspberry Pi?

Orient the cable connector (it only mates one way round) and connect to the module.

  1. Make sure the Raspberry Pi is powered off.
  2. Orient the Lidar unit so that the cutout is above the GPIO header pins.
  3. Attach the unit using the four remaining screws.
  4. Connect the cable socket to the GPIO pins as below.

What is stitch radiography?

Stitching Whole Spine and Long Leg X-rays Specialised x-ray equipment can be used to x-ray larger areas of the body. This is achieved by doing a series of smaller x-rays in a single pass and then stitching the images together. This is commonly used to assess spine or leg alignment.

What is a stitched picture called?

Image stitching is the combination of images with overlapping sections to create a single panoramic or high-resolution image. Image stitching software may be purpose-designed, part of a photo editing suite or included in camera features.

How are panoramas made?

With digital photography, the most common method for producing panoramas is to take a series of pictures and stitch them together. There are two main types: the cylindrical panorama used primarily in stills photography and the spherical panorama used for virtual-reality images.

How is a panoramic photograph made?

How to shoot a panorama. A panorama is a combined set of individual photographs, in which two adjacent photographs have at least 20% overlapping areas. These two, or more, overlapping photographs are “stitched” with the help of software to produce extremely elongated fields of view.

How much is a LiDAR?

A robust, entry-level LiDAR system comes in around $23,000 (USD). A drone to go with it comes in at $10,000-16,000. Additional costs include accessories for your drone, batteries, a base station, and a GPS rover which can add $10,000 to the total. Often forgotten out of the equation is insurance.

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