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What is the best database for literature?

What is the best database for literature?

The top list of academic research databases

  1. Scopus. Scopus is one of the two big commercial, bibliographic databases that cover scholarly literature from almost any discipline.
  2. Web of Science.
  3. PubMed.
  4. ERIC.
  5. IEEE Xplore.
  6. ScienceDirect.
  7. Directory of Open Access Journals (DOAJ)
  8. JSTOR.

What databases can we use to source literature?

Here are several databases where you can start to find articles on your research topic:

  • Communication & Mass Media Complete.
  • ABI/INFORM Global.
  • PsycINFO.
  • Sociological Abstracts.
  • ERIC.
  • Factiva.

What are literature databases?

Literature Databases are used to identify articles from peer-reviewed journals and other types of periodicals. These databases are created by companies and other entities and are subscribed to by or licensed to academic and other institutions.

Is Google Scholar a literature database?

Google Scholar: a search engine for scientific literature with known limitations. Google Scholar uses technology of the Google search engine. As such it is not a literature database in the traditional sense like MEDLINE, Embase or the Web of Knowledge.

Is NCBI a literature database?

NCBI’s Literature resources include the world’s largest repository of medical and scientific abstracts, full-text articles, books and reports, as well as supporting resources for cataloging and indexing the materials.

Does PubMed include GREY literature?

The “grey literature,” materials not published commercially or indexed by major databases such as PubMed, can also be searched.

Is Researchgate a database?

The Research Gate portal is an information portal and indexation database for scientific publications, having some features and functions of social media portals, however, it is primarily profiled on the issues of scientific research and presenting scientific achievements, including scientific publications.

Is MEDLINE a literature database?

MEDLINE is the primary component of PubMed, a literature database developed and maintained by the NLM National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI). MEDLINE is the online counterpart to the MEDical Literature Analysis and Retrieval System (MEDLARS) that originated in 1964 (see MEDLINE history).

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