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What is the difference between mailbox and smart mailbox in Apple Mail?

What is the difference between mailbox and smart mailbox in Apple Mail?

You can create Smart Mailboxes that automatically organize email messages into a single mailbox, based on criteria you specify. For example, a Smart Mailbox could display all the emails you receive about a specific project, regardless of which mailboxes they’re stored in.

What is smart mailbox folder in Mac?

A Smart Mailbox on your Mac lets you view your received and sent emails in a more customizable way. This type of mailbox can be created inside the Mail app on your Mac, and you can then assign various rules for your emails. These rules for your Smart Mailbox decide if your emails should go into it or not.

Can I delete a smart mailbox?

Edit or delete the Smart Inbox if you created it as a non-administrator. If the Smart Inbox was created as an administrator you must access the admin menu, click the Customization module, and then click the Smart Inbox option. Click the hamburger menu next to the Smart Inbox you want to edit or delete.

How do I clean up my apple mailbox?

In the Mail app on your Mac, do any of the following: Delete large messages or messages with attachments, or move the messages to a mailbox on your Mac. Tip: To quickly identify large messages, choose View > Sort By, then choose Size. Delete attachments that you saved.

What does a smart mailbox do?

Smart mailboxes don’t move messages as a rule can. Rather, they present a list of messages that match the mailbox’s conditions. The original messages stay right where they are.

What is the difference between a folder and a smart folder?

The Smart folder is a kind of folder with special features. Unlike regular folders, the smart folder will filter all images in Eagle according to the conditions you provide, and collect pictures that meet these conditions automatically.

Why do I have duplicate Mailboxes on my iPhone?

Make sure that all of your email is there or make sure that your email is saved somewhere other than your iPhone. Then, on your iPhone, go to Settings > Passwords & Accounts > Tap the duplicate email account > Tap Delete Account. These steps should get you up and running without a duplicate email account. Cheers!

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