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What is the Expo in Tulsa?

What is the Expo in Tulsa?

Expo Square hosts a variety of annual events, including: Tulsa State Fair, Chili Bowl, Tulsa Shootout, Wanenmacher Tulsa Arms Show, Arabian National Show, Pinto World Show, Palomino World Show, Starbird Custom Car Show, Tulsa Home and Garden Show, Tulsa Flea Market, Tulsa Boat Sport and Travel Show, March Mania, Green …

How long is the Tulsa Expo Center?

The Expo Center provides 354,000 square feet (32,900 m2) of column-free space under a cable-suspended roof. The building spans 448,400 total square feet on two levels, connected by side ramps and stairs, allowing for a variety of show floor plans….

SageNet Center
Size 446,400 square feet (41,470 m2)

Who is performing at the Tulsa State Fair?


Oklahoma Stage 8 pm Chris Janson
Entertainment Tent West 4 pm, 6 pm & 9 pm Brent Giddens Band
International Beer Garden – Acoustic 4 pm, 6 pm & 8 pm Cory Lee
International Beer Garden Featuring the Hard Rock Stage 5 pm, 7 pm & 9 pm Dueling Pianos
Wine Garden 7 pm – 9 pm The Rays

How much is it to rent the Tulsa Expo Center?

The rental fee is $2,400 for a reception and includes 12 hours of event time including set up and clean up time.

When was the Tulsa Expo building built?

It was built in 1932; the architect was Leland I Shumway. The building is in the PWA Art Deco style, built of blond brick with terra cotta ornamentation, and is considered one of the prime examples of Art Deco architecture in Tulsa….Expo Square Pavilion.

Capacity 6,311
Opened 1932
Architect Leland I. Shumway

What bands are playing at Tulsa State Fair this year?


  • 8pm – BeatleMania Live. 9/30.
  • 8pm – P.O.D. 10/1. Buy VIP Tix.
  • 8pm – Dru Hill. 10/2. Buy VIP Tix.
  • 5pm – Alicia Villarreal. 10/3.
  • 8pm – Zach Williams. 10/4. Buy VIP Tix.
  • 8pm – Josh Turner. 10/5. Buy VIP Tix.
  • 8pm – Vanilla Ice with Special Guests The Ying Yang Twins. 10/6.
  • 8pm – Dirty Honey. 10/7.

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