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What is the format of the CASPer exam?

What is the format of the CASPer exam?

In its new format, Casper is a 100–120 minute test that comprises 15 sections, 10 of which are video-based scenarios and 5 of which are word-based scenarios (similar to what you will encounter during a multiple mini interview [MMI]). Each scenario is followed by three questions that you have five minutes to respond to.

What should be included in a CASPer test answers?

It’s good to use conditional statements in your CASPer answers. For example: “If the group discovered a serious personal issue in Sue’s life, I would offer to help Sue find support on campus and suggest talking to the professor as a group to explain the situation.”

What kind of questions are on the CASPer test?

Generally, CASPer test question prompts will be text-based or video-based scenarios, where you review a person or people acting in a particular way, and you will then be given three questions related to what you’ve just seen or read in that scenario.

How many scenarios are on the CASPer test?

15 scenarios
The test is composed of 15 scenarios, some video-based and some word-based. Each scenario is followed by three open-ended questions. The scenarios are a blend of SJTs (Situational Judgment Tests) and behavioral descriptor questions.

Can you use Notes on CASPer test?

You are permitted to use a blank piece of paper, a pencil, and a hard copy dictionary during your test. You are not allowed to have pre-written notes. Even though you are permitted to take notes during your test, please be cognizant of the 5-minute time limit given to answer each section (set of 3 questions).

Can you fail CASPer?

The CASPer is not a pass or fail test—it assesses your personal skills against the entire pool of candidates.

How do I ace my CASPer test?

Tips to Master CASPer®

  1. Gain an understanding of CASPer® Read available information concerning CASPer®.
  2. Set yourself apart.
  3. Develop your understanding of healthcare-related issues.
  4. Minimize potential technical glitches.
  5. Practice your typing.
  6. Don’t Cheat.
  7. Think before you write.
  8. Keep an eye on your clock.

How long should I study for CASPer?

6 to 8 weeks
In our experience, our most successful students need 6 to 8 weeks to prepare for CASPer. But we have had students who need up to 12 weeks and some who get ready in just 1 to 2 weeks. Again remember this is personalized and all of our programs are tailored to your level of preparation at baseline.

Can I write on paper during CASPer test?

Can you use a dictionary during the CASPer test?

Can You Take Notes During CASPer? You are allowed to take notes during the CASPer on a blank piece of paper with a pencil. You are also permitted a hard copy dictionary.

Can I write notes during CASPer test?

You are allowed to take notes during the CASPer on a blank piece of paper with a pencil. You are also permitted a hard copy dictionary. You cannot use pre-written notes. Although you are allowed to take notes, you are only allotted 5 minutes to answer each section, so taking notes could hinder your answer.

What is a good score on CASPer?

The grading of CASPer responses is done using a numerical Likert-style scale. The scale runs from 1 to 9 with 1 signifying a “unsatisfactory” response and 9 signifying a “superb” or superior one.

Can I take notes during CASPer test?

Can I take notes on CASPer test?

Can CASPer see your screen?

The myth that “you must always remain in the webcam’s field of view” when taking your casper test is only partially true. CASPer candidates are continually monitored throughout the test-taking period via webcam.

Can you have a piece of paper for CASPer?

Does grammar count on CASPer?

A common question about the Casper test is whether or not spelling mistakes impact scores. The answer is, no, they do not impact your score, because Casper is not a test of spelling and grammar. Rather it is a test designed to assess your personal attributes.

Does CASPer record your audio?

Since Snapshot draws on audio/video recordings and is meant to mimic an interview, Altus highly recommends that Snapshot be taken with an appropriate background, and that your face is centered directly within the view of your video, as well as facing the camera at all times to ensure clear audio recording.

Does CASPer record your screen?

You will be recorded throughout the entire test, which is why a working webcam is required. This is to ensure you are taking the exam according to the regulations provided and not cheating in any way.

What is the format of the CASPer test?

The format of the CASPer test is unique. But, it’s not too far off from other standardized tests you have taken before. At a high-level, the test is broken down into 12 distinct sections. Eight of those sections utilize videos to set the stage for the question, and the remaining four sections are all word-based.

How can I prepare for the CASPer test?

There’s not much you can do to prepare for the CASPer test in terms of performance. This is a behavioral exam with no right or wrong answers! Graders are looking at how you respond and your reasoning behind your answers rather than whether or not it’s the right choice.

How many Casper sample questions are there?

This blog will review 5 official CASPer sample questions indicated on the administrator’s website plus 15 BeMo sample questions and provide our expert response and analysis.

What skills does Casper look for in an assessment?

We’ll provide you with the countdown timers, challenging scenarios, and questions aimed to help you demonstrate the skills that CASPer is evaluating you on! Register Now! The following skills are deemed essential for success in many professional environments: collaboration, communication, problem solving, empathy, motivation, and self-awareness.

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