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What is the main idea of La Vida Robot?

What is the main idea of La Vida Robot?

While Davis feels that a strong team needs a strong and motivational leader, Isaacson shows that a strong team prospers when team members have a connection. Davis, author of “La Vida Robot,”, feels that in order to have a successful team, someone must act as a motivational leader and inspire the team to keep going.

Is spare parts a true story?

Although Spare Parts was based on real life events surrounding the formation and competition of a group of high school kids, there were creative liberties taken by the filmmakers in order to complete the story.

Why didn’t Cameron expect a kid like Lorenzo to be interested in the ROV competition?

Cameron hadn’t expected many students to be interested, particularly not a kid like Lorenzo, who was failing most of his classes and perpetually looked like he was about to fall asleep. But Lorenzo didn’t have much else to do after school. He didn’t want to walk around the streets.

What was innovative about Stinky’s design?

What was innovative about Stinky’s design? It used unusual material like PVC pipes. The pipes ended up being an upgrade from the materials usually used in the competition.

What advice does the recruiter give Oscar?

What advice does the recruiter give Oscar? Don’t present yourself to any government official.

Where is Luis Aranda now?

Luis Aranda Aranda was a US citizen when the group won the contest; today he runs a catering company with Santillan and works as janitorial supervisor for the courts in Phoenix.

Why do the books get locked up spare parts?

textbooks are locked up so that the students won’t steal them. what competition does oscar want to enter?

Why did they name their robot stinky?

Together, the team engineered a remote-control robot with just $800 worth of parts, mainly PVC pipes equipped with a processor, propellers, depth detectors, an underwater microphone and a very sensitive pincer. They named him Stinky, in honor of the reeking stench of the rubber glue they used to hold him together.

What was the problem with stinky the robot?

Immediately, they had a problem: When Aranda lowered Stinky into the pool, they realized they had a leak. Not only did they have to re-solder every wire in the machine overnight, Vazquez told his teammates, but they also had to find something absorbent to keep moisture away from the circuitry.

Why does Oscar have to avoid staying at his house?

Why is Oscar sleeping in the school bathroom? He is getting looked for by immigration, so he can’t stay at his house.

Why is Oscar Vazquez having trouble enlisting in the United States?

In high school, Oscar proves himself a natural leader in the high school’s Junior ROTC. But when he finds out from Major Glenn Goins that he cannot enlist in the army because he is undocumented, Oscar seeks out a new group to lead.

What does Luis do in spare parts?

He starts a catering business with Lorenzo, but mostly he works as a garbageman.

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