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What is the meaning of quite by chance?

What is the meaning of quite by chance?

Define meaning of “quite by chance”: Without advance planning. ; In an incidental manner.; By accident. ; Through chance, “To sleep, perchance to dream..”.

What is the word that means by chance?

In this page you can discover 10 synonyms, antonyms, idiomatic expressions, and related words for by-chance, like: fortuitously, by-mistake, accidentally, haply, unwittingly, circumstantially, by luck, perchance, unexpectedly and unintentionally.

What word means the same as by chance?

synonyms for by chance accidentally. as luck would have it. by a fluke. by coincidence. by mistake.

Is by chance an idiom?

1. Without plan; accidentally: They met by chance on a plane. 2. Possibly; perchance: Is he, by chance, her brother?

How do you use phrase by chance?

Example Sentences

  1. He told himself that it was by chance so as to bring peace to his mind.
  2. Our life gets better and better not by chance, but by working hard.
  3. Silla and Racheal met by chance in a shopping mall.
  4. She got into theater by chance.
  5. Our meeting in hotel was by chance I swear.
  6. I heard their secrets by chance.

What does it mean to meet someone by chance?

To cross paths without planning or intention. meet.

Is circumstantially a word?

Circumstantially definition In respect to circumstances; not essentially; accidentally. In every circumstance or particular; minutely.

What does chance mean in the Bible?

In the prologue of the Book of Job, chance is referred to as the result of a wager between God and the satan, who is described as one of the sons of God. In the dialogue between Job and his friends, bad luck is viewed as a consequence of bad behaviour while good luck is the result of good behaviour.

Is by any chance polite?

So what does it mean? It’s a nice phrase to add to a question to make it polite–it’s almost like saying possibly in a way. The dictionary also says “by any chance” can be used in tentative inquiries or suggestions” – and it is used in yes/no questions.

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