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What is the nursing management of the first stage of labour?

What is the nursing management of the first stage of labour?

Here are nursing responsibilities in this phase: Inform patient on progress of her labor. Assist patient with pant-blow breathing. Monitor maternal vital signs and fetal heart rate every 30 minutes -1 hour, or depending on the doctor’s order.

What nursing care should the nurse focus on during the first stage of labor?

1. What nursing care should the nurse focus on during the first stage of labor? RATIONALE: First-stage nursing care focuses on assessment of the client’s vital signs, contractions, and cervical change, as well as assessment of the fetal well-being.

What is the nurse’s role in managing the labor process?

Nurses are often responsible to work with doctors to put together a personalized birthing plan for each mother to ensure that each delivery is safe for the mother and the baby. Before delivery, nurses often discuss the childbirth process with the mother and provide guidance about what to expect.

What should I do in first stage of labour?

If your labour starts during the day, stay upright and gently active. This helps your baby move down into your pelvis and helps your cervix to dilate. Breathing exercises, massage and having a warm bath or shower may help ease pain during this early stage of labour.

How do you monitor the first stage of labour?

During the first stage of labor, fetal well-being can be assessed by monitoring the fetal heart rate at least every 15 minutes, particularly during and immediately after uterine contractions. In most labor and delivery units, the fetal heart rate is assessed continuously.

Which nursing intervention is important when providing care for a pregnant client in the first stage of the labor?

In the first stage of labor, the pregnant client may experience fatigue and discomfort. Therefore, the nurse instructs the client to change position frequently to relieve fatigue, increase comfort, and improve circulation.

What are nursing priorities during labor and delivery?

The nurse should be respectful, available encouraging, professional, and supportive during labor and delivery. A health care provider should ensure comfort measures, information, instructions, emotional supports, advocacy, and support for the family as nursing interventions during labor and delivery.

What is the first stage of labor called?

The first phase of the first stage of labor is called the latent phase, when contractions are becoming more frequent (usually 5 to 20 minutes apart) and somewhat stronger. However, discomfort is minimal. The cervix dilates (opens approximately three or four centimeters) and effaces (thins out).

What are the three phases of first stage of labour?

There are 3 phases to the first stage: Phase 1: Early (latent) labour. Phase 2: Active labour. Phase 3: Transition.

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