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What is the outside diameter of 1/4 BSP thread?

What is the outside diameter of 1/4 BSP thread?

13.16 mm
British Standard Pipe Thread (BSPT)

BSP Thread Size Outside Diameter mm / inch TPI
1/4 Inch BSP 13.16 mm / 0.518″ 19
3/8 Inch BSP 16.66 mm / 0.656″ 19
1/2 Inch BSP 20.99 mm / 0.825″ 14
5/8 Inch BSP 22.99 mm / 0.902″ 14

What is the taper of a BSP thread?

BSPT is a tapered thread. This means that the outside diameter of the thread is cut on a cone. The sides are not parallel. The taper angle is a rise of 3/4″ for every 12″ in length.

Is BSP tapered?

The British BSP connections include two types of threads, BSPP which are straight (or parallel) and BSPT which are tapered. The BSPT tapered male will mate with a BSPT tapered female (usually a port) and seals on the threads.

How is BSP fitting measured?

Once you have the thread size, you then need to determine the number of threads per inch to verify that it is a BSP fitting. You can do this by counting the number of thread crests over a 1/4″ length and then multiply this by 4 to get the number of threads per inch.

What diameter is BSP?

The outside diameter for a 1” BSP fitting is not 1” or 25mm it is in fact 33.249mm at the widest point.

Are BSP sockets tapered?

There are two types of BSP threads, Tapered (BSPT) and parallel (BSPP). The external and internal threads are to be tapered, but the internal threads may be parallel. Made from Grade 316 stainless steel for excellent corrosion resistance.

What is BSP male taper?

BSPT (tapered) male will mate with a BSPT (tapered) female and the BSPP female swivel. The BSPT male has tapered threads and a 30-degree inverted seat. The thread pitch is different in most cases, and the thread angle is 55 degrees instead of the 60-degree angle found on NPTF threads.

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