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What is the reservation percentage in Telangana?

What is the reservation percentage in Telangana?

(ii) In case of appointment by direct recruitment to civil posts and civil services on all India basis otherwise than by open competition, 16.66% reservation for SCs and 7.5% reservation for the STs is provided.

What is rule of reservation in Telangana?

The admissions to 85% of the total available seats shall be reserved for the Local Candidates (Osmania University area, TS) and the remaining 15% of the seats shall be unreserved (these seats can be filled with both States Telangana and Andhra Pradesh students based on merit) as specified in the Presidential Order 371 …

How is local status determined in Telangana?

i) Such local area where he/she has resided for the maximum period out of the said period of seven years. (or) ii) Where the period of his/her residence in two or more local areas is equal, such local area where he/she had resided last in such periods.

How do I get a seat at OU?

Osmania University UG Admission 2022 The main criterion for admission is merit in the qualifying exam, although students have to appear in the entrance test for some courses. OU offers courses like BA, B.Sc, BBA, B.Com, B.

What is the reservation fee for OBC?

For OBCs it is fixed keeping in view the proportion of their population in the concerned State/UT and the fact that total reservation for SCs/ST/OBCs remains within the limit of 50% and reservation for OBCs remains within the limit of 27%.

Who Cannot avail reservation?

Dalits. Adivasis. Backward and most backward castes.

How is reservation calculated?

The percentage of reservation is: 15% (SC), 7.5% (ST), 27% (OBC) and 10% for economically weaker sections or “EWS”. These figures are divided by 100, and then multiples are worked out until one of these categories gets a complete number, upon which it obtains a reserved seat.

What is non local quota in Telangana?

The Non local candidates are eligible for 15% unreserved seats only. The local candidates are also eligible for 15% unreserved seats and 85% local seats.

What happens if reserved seats are not filled in job?

What happens when seats for reserved categories are not filled up? In cases of employment in central public services, if during the first recruitment attempt the SC/ST/OBC seats are not filled up, then a second recruitment will be made in the same recruiting year.

Can I get free seat in Osmania University?

As far as I know, there is no free seat. Tuition fee waiver schemes are available for students below a certain income level. To get a seat here, you need to be amongst the top scoring candidates in EAMCET. The cutoff rank will depend upon the branch you take.

What is the minimum rank for Osmania University?

The rank for general category student is below 3500 and for OBC students below 6000 for various branches of course offered by college. The entrance exam conducted in MAY and college will start in August.

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