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What is the selection process for AFCAT?

What is the selection process for AFCAT?

The selection of the AFCAT candidates is done in 4 stages as Written Test, AFSB interview, Medical Exam, and Final Selection. Candidates qualifying for the AFCAT 2022 exam will receive a call letter for the interview. The appearing candidates must check previous year’s papers for better preparation the exam.

Is there any interview after AFCAT?

AFCAT AFSB is a common interview conducted for the candidates who have cleared the AFCAT Exam. AFACT AFSB is also known as Air Force Selection Board Interview.

Is there any interview in AFCAT ground duty?

The AFSB Interview is conducted in 2 stages over 4 to 5 days, depending on which branch has been chosen by the candidate. Candidates applying for the Flyiing Branch have to appear for a 5-day interview while it lasts 4 days for Ground Duty applicants.

How many attempts are there in AFCAT?

A: AFCAT exam is conducted twice a year, in February and August/September by Indian Air Force. Q: How many times I can appear for the AFCAT exam? A: There is no limit to the number of attempts in the AFCAT exam. Candidates falling with the prescribed age limit can appear for the exam.

What is good score in AFCAT?

As per the previous year’s trends, a score between 150-180 is good enough to get shortlisted for an interview. Students should aim to score more than 160, as due to high competition, the candidate will have more chances of getting a mention on the final merit list.

What is asked in AFCAT interview?

General Questions Asked In An AFSB Interview Here are some of the general questions that are asked in an AFBS interview. Tell me about the preparation techniques you applied for the AFCAT exam? Why did you not choose CDS exams before AFCAT? Why do you want to be part of the Indian Airforce Army?

What happens if I pass Afcat exam?

If you have successfully cleared Step 1, you will receive a Call letter to report to any one of the Air Force Selection Boards located at Dehradun, Varanasi, Gandhinagar and Mysuru.

Is physical fitness required for AFCAT ground duty?

Candidates are advised to be physically fit when they report for the SSB in order to be able to undergo the tests at AFSB. Candidates must aim to achieve an ability to run 01 miles (1.6 km) in 10 mins, do 10 pushups, and 03 chin-ups.

Is physical fitness required for Afcat exam?

A candidate will not be assessed physically fit unless the examination as a whole shows that he is physically and mentally capable of withstanding severe physical and mental strain for prolonged periods in any climate in any part of the world.

What happens after clearing AFCAT?

Is there age relaxation in AFCAT?

Eligibility criteria: Age – 20 to 24 years (at the time of commencement of course).Upper age limit for Candidates holding valid and current Commercial Pilot Licence issued by DGCA (India) is relaxed up to 26 years(at the time of commencement of course). Gender – Men and Women.

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