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What is WB in VBA?

What is WB in VBA?

ActiveWorkbook. The Active Workbook is the workbook in the active window (the window on top). Dim wb As Workbook: Set wb = ActiveWorkbook. Notes: ActiveWorkbook can also be used in code in the template from which the document will be created.

What is WB set exam?

The WB SET is conducted for the post of Assistant Professor in West Bengal only. WBCSC will conduct SET in 33 subjects. The application process was started on 16th August 2021. And the last date to apply for the WB SET exam was 15th September 2021.

Who can apply WB set exam?

WB SET Exam 2022 Eligibility Candidates who belong to OBC/EWS/SC/ST/PWD/Transgender category will be considered qualified if they have secured at least 50% marks in a Master’s degree or equivalent exam. Final year master’s students are also eligible to apply for WB SET 2022 Exam.

How can I apply for WB set?

WB SET 2022 Application Form will be available on the official website….Documents required to fill WB SET 2022 Application Form

  1. Scanned images of photograph.
  2. Scanned signature.
  3. Caste certificate.
  4. PWD certificate.
  5. Bachelor’s & Master’s degree certificate.
  6. PhD certificate.
  7. Valid e-mail id & contact number.

How do I activate a file in VBA?

Steps to Activate a Workbook

  1. Type “Workbooks” to use the workbook object.
  2. Specify the workbook name in the double quotation marks.
  3. Enter a dot (.) to get the list of properties and methods.
  4. Select the Activate method from the list or you can also type it.
  5. In the end, run the code to activate the workbook.

How do I initialize a workbook in VBA?

Where to Put the VBA Code

  1. Go to the Developer tab.
  2. Click on the Visual Basic option.
  3. In the Project Explorer pane in the VB Editor, right-click on any object for the workbook in which you want to insert the code.
  4. Go to Insert and click on Module.
  5. Copy and paste the code in the module window.

What is set exam for Professor?

The exam is conducted for determining the eligibility of the candidates for the post of Assistant Professor. These posts are in the Universities and Colleges in the states of Maharashtra & Goa. The eligibility of a candidate for the post is based on the performance in both papers of SET.

What should I do after qualifying set exam in West Bengal?

Conclusion. Candidates have to keep their preparation well and have in-depth knowledge about the WB SET exam pattern and the eligibility criteria. Candidates after qualifying in the WB SET exam will get recruited as Assistant Professor in various West Bengal colleges and universities.

How can I prepare for WB set exam?

  1. WB SET preparation 2021. These are the tips candidates need to follow while preparing for WB SET:
  2. Select right books for WB SET preparation. Candidates should find the right books for WB SET.
  3. Divide your preparation time as per your weak and strong area.
  4. Continue with revision.
  5. Practice WB SET sample questions.

Is WB set difficult?

For every candidate, there are some topics that they find easy and some topics they find difficult. There is a natural propensity among the candidates to ignore the difficult section, and this leads to a huge loss in the exam.

What is SET exam for Professor?

What is workbook in VBA?

In this tutorial, I will cover the how to work with workbooks in Excel using VBA. In Excel, a ‘Workbook’ is an object that is a part of the ‘Workbooks’ collection. Within a workbook, you have different objects such as worksheets, chart sheets, cells and ranges, chart objects, shapes, etc.

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