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What NFL player has played in the most playoff games?

What NFL player has played in the most playoff games?


Player G plyf Tm
Jerry Rice+ 29 3TM
D.D. Lewis 27 dal
Peyton Manning+ 27 2TM
Larry Cole 26 dal

Do playoff stats count towards career stats NFL?

Nope. Though they do keep all playoff stats as a separate thing that you can look up and compare.

Who has the highest passer rating in NFL playoff history?

Allen’s 149.0 passer rating this postseason is the highest in NFL history for a single postseason (minimum 25 pass attempts). The previous record was Joe Montana’s 146.4 mark in the 1989 playoffs. Allen threw 62 passes this postseason for 637 yards and nine TDs and only 14 were incomplete.

Who has the most postseason?

New England Patriots
Since 1958, the New England Patriots have the most wins by a team in the playoffs, with 37 wins.

New England Patriots 59 37
Pittsburgh Steelers 62 36
Dallas Cowboys 64 35
San Francisco 49ers 55 34

Which player has won the most playoff games?

LeBron James has the most career wins in the playoffs, with 174 wins.

LeBron James 266 174
Derek Fisher 259 161
Tim Duncan 251 157
Robert Horry 244 155

Do postseason stats count in career stats?

Brees holds the career records because the NFL only counts regular-season statistics toward career totals. But if the NFL also included the postseason, Tom Brady would be the record holder for both touchdowns and yards. Brees owns the regular season records, and Brady probably won’t catch him.

Do postseason stats count?

Postseason achievements are not counted by MLB in players’ career statistics, which are an accumulation of performance numbers during regular-season play. However, players do have career postseason statistics kept, only separate from the regular career numbers.

Who has the most saves in a single postseason?

Mariano Rivera
Most Career Postseason Saves Mariano Rivera is the greatest closer in baseball history, and he built his legacy in October. The all-time leader in postseason appearances (96) and career postseason ERA (0.70), Rivera slammed the door on many a New York Yankees win during his Hall of Famer career.

What player has won the most playoff games?

LeBron James

Rank Player G
1. LeBron James 266
2. Derek Fisher 259
3. Tim Duncan* 251
4. Robert Horry 244

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