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What punctuation do you use after as follows?

What punctuation do you use after as follows?

A colon is normally used after as follows, the following, and similar expressions.

Which is correct as follow or as follows?

‘As follows’ is correct, not ‘as follow. ‘ ‘As follows’ is used for both singular and plural situations.

How do you use is as follows in a sentence?

The method of preparation is in principle as follows . The complete operation, in each case, is as follows . This he repels, and his answer may be summed up as follows . Hamilton’s objections are as follows .

Should there be a comma before as follows?

No comma is possible here, and as follows cannot be dropped.

Do you put a comma after following?

From THE CHICAGO MANUAL OF STYLE 6.30-6.31: A dependent clause followed by a main clause should be followed by a comma. Following an immunization campaign, smallpox was declared eradicated in 1980.

Do you use a colon after as follows?

Use a colon after a statement that introduces a horizontal or vertical list and includes the words “the following”, “as follows”, “these”, or “thus”. We saw the following cars: a BMW, a Jaguar, and a Porsche. Our agenda items are as follows: reading of the minutes, old business, and new business.

Is follows singular or plural?

The plural form of follow is follows.

Do you say are as follows?

The correct use is ‘is/are as follows’ throughout the grammar, even with one or a hundred items written below. The word ‘follows’ does not change even if ‘are’ written before ‘as.

How do you say are as follows?

as follows

  1. so.
  2. hence.
  3. thusly.
  4. along these lines.
  5. in kind.
  6. in such a way.
  7. in this fashion.
  8. in this way.

Can as follows be followed by a period?

First of all, the right punctuation after “as follows” is a colon. There’s no way around that. “Follows” or “following” is the indicator. You could potentially get away with a period at the end of a sentence like “The following diagram illustrates the flow of X through Y.” Even in this case, a colon is preferable.

Is there a colon after as follows?

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